Review Policy

Oh hi there hello – I LOVE that you’re considering me to review your book! How super exciting. I am totally open to all requests, although I do (with all the love in the world) reserve the right to decline your request if I really don’t think the book you’re offering is up my street. People are busy and there are always so many more books than there are hours to read them and I wouldn’t want to say I’ll read and review your book if I don’t think I will; I’d rather be honest upfront and say no, you know?

If you’re interested in what I really like to read, then I’m a fan of pretty much all YA. I also like short stories and literary fiction and some sci-fi/fantasy and some thrillers and the odd good detective story and (some) poetry and oh, actually, that’s pretty much all the books isn’t it…..

If you would like me to have a read of your book then it would be most excellent if you could email me on josephine (at) livetoreadreadtolive (dot) co (dot) uk and let me know the title of the book and a short summary along with the release date, and roughly when you’d need me to post my review by, along with details of how you’d like to send the copy: you can send me a physical copy or an ebook – I have a Kindle – and have no preference about which of these you send. I’m pretty easy going, I think.

If I do accept your request then I promise I’ll do my best to get it read and reviewed ASAP but please please don’t hate me if it takes a while, ‘kay? I have lots of books and a real life (sadly) and I read depending on my frame of mind, I will try to review close to publication date though, if the book is an ARC and if you do need a review posting on or by a certain date then let me know – I’ll certainly do what I can.

Sometimes some books don’t gel with some people. If that happens – if I don’t have anything to say, or I I DNF then I need to reserve the right to not review. I also can’t fangirl about your book if I didn’t like it, I’m sorry. I want to be honest and unbiased but please please know that even if some of my thoughts are negative I will never be cruel.

Oh, and also I’m totally down for author interviews and blog tours and all that fun stuff.