About Me

I’m here, mostly, because I read books (ALL THE BOOKS ALL THE TIME) and I quite like to throw my thoughts on those books at the internets and I’m guessing that if you’re reading this then you like that also and HELLO. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Grab a coffee and make yourself at home, fellow bookish person.

Also, please to not be expecting this to be A Serious Blog because it totally isn’t. I will CAPS LOCK and italicise and fangirl and sometimes talk utter nonsense and I will talk lots aout books but not intellectually, more like ‘these are things I liked’ and ‘these are things I liked less’ and sometimes I will talk about my life. It’s pretty random.

What do you need to know about me, really? I like coffee and pretty books and cuddles and the seaside. I dislike brocolli and cold winter mornings and lies. I want to open my own bookshop, I can picture it quite clearly in my head and I wonder if this will always be a pipe dream. I think probably. I love to ski. This means I am comfortable hurling myself down slippery icy mountains at high(ish) speeds yet I hate running down a hill in case I can't stop. Go figure. Perhaps I am just a mass of contradictions. Place me on the sofa with a blanket and a book. & maybe a bowl of apple crumble and custard. I'll be happy. It’s also worth noting that my to read pile is threatening to take over my house (when I moved house last year one full box only covered authors A to B) and despite a book-buying ban imposed on me by my BFF it seems to keep on growing. I have no idea how that happens. Perhaps I am just a lost cause.

I also like lists. Have a list of (some of) the things I like:
writing, old bookshops, the french alps, pretty illustrations, pear cider, mini milks, giggles, photographs, lake windermere, cocktails, curly wurlys, evening walks, holding hands, eton mess, marmite on toast, salted chocolate, oversized pyjamas, coastal paths

& because it’s why we’re here after all, some books I like:
through the looking glass, the blind assassin, love story, little women, peter pan, the girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making,  ballet shoes, the edible woman, oryx and crake, wasted, northern lights, not the end of the world, the book thief, under milk wood, harry potter, king lear, the accidental, the time travellers wife, breakfast at tiffanys, beyond black, rainbow valley, junk, jonathan livingstone seagull, carrie’s war, eleanor and park, if nobody speaks of remarkable things, to kill a mockingbird, the curious incident of the dog in the night time, uprooted, the book of strange new things, the lost art of keeping secrets, when we were very young, pride and prejudice, the book thief, to kill a mockingbird, ex libris, never let me go, the girl with all the gifts, the kite runner, between shades of grey, neverwhere

Aah, lists. In fact I made a list of random facts about myself when I turned 35 (wow so old) - you can find that here, if you're interested.

I also like YOU, because you're here. taking the time to read this stuff. & creme eggs. Give me all the creme eggs please. I will eat them til I feel sick.