Things I Love from Beauty Pie

Let's talk about something not books, mostly because I've decided to have a no-spend May, which of course means the only thing I can think about is spending. Yikes.

In a bid to distract myself from that, and because I have the browser open on my computer so I can not-shop whilst watching Schitt's Creek I thought I'd tell you about my 5 fave items from Beauty Pie.

So, the deal - of you've been living under a rock and thus don't know - with Beauty Pie is this: you pay a subscription fee every month which gives you access to reals nice skincare, make-up, etc for a fraction of what you'd pay on the high street. It's all Beauty Pie branded stuff, but allegedly some of it is dupes for famous brands, you're basically cutting out the middle man, the luxury packaging, the mega markups. So I pay a £5 per month subscription and that gives me £50 per month to spend across the site, unspent allowance rolls forward. Every time you purchase your allowance goes down, and the allowance is against the RRP not the Beauty Pie price. So if you buy a £5 mascara with an RRP of £20 you allowance drops by £20 but you only pay the Beauty Pie price of  £5. IT took me ages to get my head around that - til I signed up actually.

I love it.

I wasn't interested at first. I thought it was a much instagrammed gimmick, but my bestie signed up and loved it and she got an extra allowance for every person who signed up with her code and I'm a good pal so I signed up I think last summer. And now I am hooked.

Lemme tell you about the 5 products I will now never not have in my possession because they're just that good.

I am obsessed by these lip balm sticks. I love them so hard. My fave is this pillowy pink, but I have a darker one also and they're just lovely. They're super easy to apply so I don't need a mirror, they make my lips feel lovely, the colour stays on and for somebody like me who is make-up low maintenance they're just about perfect. And they cost £4.38 (for this shade at least) - my usual lipstck is £22!!

Oh, hello super luxurious cleansing balm, this is so nice and is now my twice daily cleanser. you only need a tiny bit and it glides on to your skin and it smells so good and I love it. It's £15.71 which makes it about a tenner cheaper than the stuff I used before and it feels so much more like a treat, still.

Also this, from the same range, which has become my night cream and is also lush. It's really thick and also smells divine and my skin feels so nice. It's £11.12 and it was my favourite moisturiser ever until....

...this. Just take my money, Beauty Pie. This cream is the business. It feels like something super fancy in it's classy little glass jar. It smells amazing - all the Beauty Pie stuff I've tried smells so good - and it feels so nice and I swear I look better the second I put it on, like, having a facial kind of looking better. I don't understand, i think it might be magic. I'm here for it. It's £12.67 but a little goes a really long way.

Last but not least - they don;t only do Beauty and Skincare, they also do candles and this Clean House scent is excellent. It's like, £18 so more than I have ever paid before for something I'm going to burn - I don't even pay this much for the massive Yankee Candles as I live near an outlet - but for a treat when you're allowance is building up and you're feeling flush, why not. It's lovely, it's a fresh clean scent that's not overpowering and I will absolutely buy another when the one I have is done.

I am such a convert. Helen, I thank you. My bank balance does not.