Quickfire Reviews: Lockdown Edition #2

Quickfire Reviews is a thing I do very sporadically when there are books to talk about that I should have reviewed but haven’t. Less sporadically actually right now, because I am reading ALL THE THINGS.

What’s it About? Lo is on a fancy cruise. Sh witnesses somebody get thrown overboard, sees blood on the glass partition, hears the splash of the body hitting the water, the whole shebang. Nobody believes her though, because nobody was in that cabin and everybody on board is accounted for....
What I liked This was such a good read - a proper old school mystery with twists and turns and red herrings galore and I loved it. It was like a modern day Agatha Christie.
What I liked Less I liked it a lot, but I guess the dual narrative / time jump could have worked a little better. I'm just being nit-picky though if I'm honest.

What’s it About? The second in the Frieda Klein series. A social worker finds a decomposed body and Frieda is called upon again to help with the investigation.
What I liked This is rapidly becoming one of my fave series. These books are so good - so well written and cleverly executed. I loved the whole story with regards to the actual crime, I loved the throwbacks to book one, I love all the background characters, I love how this is a proper crime novel. I'm so here for all of these books.
What I liked Less It's felt a little bit like the Frieda here was a little at odds with Frieda of the first book but I'm hoping this will be explored more in future instalments...

What’s it About? The sequel to The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue follows Felicity Montague as she decides she'll do whatever it takes to become a lady doctor even if what it takes is hot-footing it across Europe (again) with a mysterious woman pretending to be her maid.
What I liked  Ok, so it's set in the 1700's. And Monty and Percy have ridiculous and adorable cameos. And there's a fierce female Muslim pirate, and sea creatures and Felicity is so determined and there's a cute romance thread and overall is this is such a good look at class and race and misogyny and at the same time is one of the most fun books you'll ever read. It' a delight, frankly.
What I liked Less I cannot tell a lie: at times Felicity and her 'I don't say it out loud but I think I'm better than those girls who like pretty dresses and parties I am a feminist' attitude. Oh Felicity, you sweet child. Girls can like books and pretty dresses; it's totally a thing.

What’s it About?  Sloane has accidentally made her private blog, public. And it's gone viral. Which means the whole world wants to know who guy she's in love with is. She's even been offered a book deal, if she can tell the guy she loves him and tie it up in a pretty happy ending. Except she can't because he's engaged to somebody else. So she agrees to pretend that he is actually the cute owner of the local bar, in return she has to use her newfound fame to bring business to the bar.
What I liked Oh, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love a good fake - relationship and this is cute, super cute. I flew through it. it looks like it's the first in a series so I'll like read the others when they're published too. I love a story set in small town everybody knows everybody America and parts of this made me laugh out loud.
What I liked Less I don't think i got it. I don't get how Sloane's blog went so mental. I'd like some tips actually, because I'm obviously doing something wrong. The characters felt younger than their years -this read more like YA but with sex - and the characters sometimes felt a little flat. 

What’s it About?  The son of the President of the USA and Henry - grandson of The Queen of England and an actual heir to the throne. Tow boys who hate each other.  A secret love story. A potential political scandal.
What I liked Oh, but fifteen years ago Josephine would have loved this book. Enemies to lovers against the backdrop of a US Presidential race, this has so much going for it and I totally get why it's been so hyped. It's super cute, and funny and easy to read. Alex and Henry are cute and the whole US politics stuff is great. It made me smile, a lot. 
What I liked Less Alas, this was not the 5 star read I hoped for. I didn't get the enemies to lovers thing, because I couldn't figure out why they were enemies to start with, and whilst all the US stuff was fabulous, the stuff with Henry and the Royal Family and being British was less so - it felt poorly researched and caricatured and that's a shame. Also - and this isn't necessarily a bad thing - but I actually stopped part way through and googled Remus / Sirius fan fiction because this felt so familiar. It had a shoebox project kind of a feel to it and whilst that is obviously not a bad thing, it did draw me out of the story and into google...