Quickfire Reviews: Lockdown Edition #1

Well, it;s been a minute hasn't it. I think I've come to the conclusion that blogging is hard when you're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but we'll talk more about that another day. Right now, since lockdown has given me so much time to read, I wanted to do a quick round of Quickfire Reviews.

Quickfire Reviews is a thing I do very sporadically when there are books to talk about that I should have reviewed but haven’t. 

What’s it About? Willa and Ryder do not get along so when they're forced together to work on a project things are going to be interesting.
What I liked This was cute and fun and just the escapism I've been craving right now. I love a good enemies to lovers story - although this is more frenemies - and the dynamic between Willa and Ryder was cute. I love Ryder. I love his bearded self so much I might make my boyfriend start wearing plaid. I'm looking forward to book 2!
What I liked Less I liked it a lot, and I don't have any real complaints. I just didn't love it, you know? It was super predictable, and I like my stories to surprise me.

What’s it About? Laurie's boyfriend of over ten years dumps her out of the blue and breaks her heart. Worse because they work at the same law firm. Horror. Jamie doesn't believe in love, but he does believe in climbing the career ladder and knows looking like less of a player will help with that. Laurie wants to stop the rumour mill talking about her break-up and Jamie wants to look good to the bosses. Cue: fake dating.
What I liked FAKE DATING, I am so here for any and all the fake dating stories. This is my jam. I loved this - I loved how real it felt, the break down of a long term relationship at a point in your life when you think that's it felt real to me and the whole thing with Laurie and Jamie was just a joy to read. it hit me right in the feels, the good ones.
What I liked Less It's obviously a little bit paint by numbers but I couldn't bring myself to care too much.

What’s it About? When Miranda arrives home to a mad, murdered in her bed, she's obviously the prime suspect - but is there more to the story....
What I liked  Ok, so I'm a long time fan of Gerritsen. I love her Rizzoli and Isles series and this has all the things I love about her - pacy and twisty and clever. I was gripped.
What I liked Less It was very obviously her earlier work. I totally called it 2/3 of the way through and there was an unnecessary and chemistry free romance that I just didn't get. 

What’s it About?  Libby was 7 when she gave the evidence that convicted her brother of murdering their whole family, now, 24 years later a group contacts her. They're convinced Ben is innocent and they make Libby question everything.
What I liked Oh, but Gillian Flynn can do it, can't she. I loved this twisty thriller with its time jumps and its red herrings. Can't believe it took me so long to read.
What I liked Less I don't actually know, if I'm honest. I just really really really liked it. I loved it, I just didn't 5 star love it....

What’s it About? Have a goodreads blurb: Even the prickliest cactus has its flower. For Susan Green, messy emotions don't fit into the equation of her perfectly ordered life. She has a flat that is ideal for one, a job that suits her passion for logic, and an "interpersonal arrangement" that provides cultural and other, more intimate, benefits. But suddenly confronted with the loss of her mother and the news that she is about to become a mother herself, Susan's greatest fear is realized. She is losing control.When she learns that her mother's will inexplicably favors her indolent brother, Edward, Susan's already dismantled world is sent flying into a tailspin. As her due date draws near and her family problems become increasingly difficult to ignore, Susan finds help and self-discovery in the most unlikely of places.Featuring an endearing cast of characters and tremendous heart, The Cactus is a poignant debut and a delightful reminder that some things can't be explained by logic alone
What I liked The cover is nice.
What I liked Less I could not with this one. Why all the hype. And why the likening to Elinor Oliphant which is fabulous? This is not that. A mean and unlikable main character who is a cow bag til she gets a baby and a man. This one was not the one for me.