Quickfire Reviews: Christmas Edition

Quickfire Reviews is a thing I do very sporadically when there are books to talk about that I should have reviewed but haven’t. 

Let's have a chat about the Christmas / winter themed books I read in December last year, just in case, like me, you like to read a book with a wintery / Christmas setting around this time of year. There's three of them and two were less than great - but at least you know what to avoid come December next year?

What’s it About? Katie and Alex are strangers who carpool home for Christmas and then there is a snowstorm and they end up stranded together in an empty cabin til it passes.
What I liked  This is plenty festive and also cute. It made me smile. I read it in under an hour.  
What I liked Less Could not have been any more predictable. Also the super hot guy cheats on his girlfriend because of the being snowed in and its all excused by painting her as a one dimensional mean girl bitch. Not Cool. 

What’s it About? Laurie sees a guy on the street as her bus pulls away. She feels drawn to him and spends a year looking for him, when she finds him it's because he's introduced to her as her best friend's boyfriend. The book spans ten years of them knowing each other. 
What I liked I gave this two stars. I'm not actually sure why?
What I liked Less There's one likeable character in the whole thing and she's treated awfully. Also kissing your best friend's boyfriend is never okay. 

What’s it About? 1914 - Britain has gone to war and Evie, stuck at home feeling useless writes letters to her brother and his best friend Tom, both on the front line.
What I liked  Paris? Wartime? Epistolary novel? Was this book written for me? Perhaps it was, and I loved it. I loved Evie, I loved Tom, I loved seeing Evie and Tom's relationship unfold through their letters, I loved old-man Tom going back to Paris. I just loved it all. 
What I liked Less The fact that it has Christmas in the title because as lovely and heart-warming as this book is, Christmas is mentioned in passing just if it happens to be December at any point there is an exchange of letters and that is not what I expected. Also it was a little rushed at the end, I felt.