Things That I Have Seen and Liked

AKA things I've bookmarked lately. Because I like making lists. And I like things. Combining those two things seems like a no-brainer, really don't you think?

Anyhow, let's take a trawl through my bookmarks...

I'm really keen at the moment on trying to make my rented house feel more like my home, without spending oodles of cash. I spend an inordinate time amount of time browsing Pinterest and Instagram and making notes of ideas that I am yet to put into action. I'm lazy, what can I say. Anyhow. Whilst I can appreciate that £100 is a lot to spend on a cat bed, I am a little bit in love with this, from Etsy.

I mean, look at it. Realistically, my cats sleep on my bed, or at the top of the stairs or on the shelf of my desk or any number of places that I have not paid £100 for them to sleep, but still, I love this.

Whilst we're talking about them, one of my cats loves being up high so - because they're indoor cats who can be mischievous when not stimulated - I have been pondering something like this, also from Etsy. I think he'd love it.

Also this, which is pricier but looks less 'cat' like if you know what I mean? A little bit more like trendy wall art that just so happens to be fun-for-cats.

I saw these Hercule Poirot graphic novels in a bookshop in Geneva and I really wish I'd bought one because I have been thinking about them ever since. I'm genuinely wondering about the feasibility of asking my boyfriend if we can go back just so I can get one. He would likely say yes because he panders to my ridiculous bookish whims. The text is in French and my French is not that good, but still, they are so fabulous.

Look at the illustrations:

I have been drooling over these trainers from Air and Grace for over a year now. I would love them more if they were hi-tops sure, but still, I love them a whole whole lot because why would I not want stars on my trainers. Also Air and Grace footwear is supposed to be super comfortable and I am of an age now where that is something I need to think about. I love these, so hard.

I also, because I spend a fair bit of time in the mountains, spend a lot of time looking at winter boots. At the moment I am in love with these from Sorel because they are so pretty and yet still practical. They'd be perfect for the evenings we're going out for a nice meal, or, for example on New Year's this year when we've been invited to a party which is approx. 2.5 miles walk from the apartment - they solve the dilemma of dressing up and being practical perfectly. I really really really really love them. Also I already have a pair of Sorel boots and can confirm they are indeed, excellent. They're not the cheapest but I have discovered a good pair of snow boots is a worthwhile investment...

These little Harry Potter espresso cups though. Could they be any cuter? Again, love espresso cups. I have far too many for just the one person but I care not a jot - and these are just lush. I want them all.
I am obsessed with this lamp by Seletti. I don't even know where I saw it first, probably Instagram,  because that is where I see most things, but I absolutely love it. They have it in the window of a shop I love in Lytham too and I go and visit it every time we go. It's so cute.

Whilst we're talking about Seletti, can we also take a minute to marvel over this lamp which is an absolute delight

I love coffee. I said that already I think.  I love espresso, I have one every morning before work. Currently I have a pod machine which I do like, it's compact and nifty and easy to use but the coffee isn't quite as good as fresh and I am super duper aware of the whole single use plastic thing. I'm using 365 little plastic pods a year. It's not good. My kitchen is tiny so I'm on the hunt for a teeny small compact espresso machine that takes fresh coffee not pods and am currently loving this one from Smeg. It's on my wishlist and it will remain there because holy price tag batman, but in a dream world I'd own and love it.

And we'll stop there. Pretty stuff though, am I right. Oh, the age of consumerism that we live in....