Quickfire Reviews: What I Read on Holiday

Quickfire Reviews is a thing I do very sporadically when there are books to talk about that I should have reviewed but haven’t. 

Let's have a chat about the books I read on holiday - which ended up being more than I thought, although that's probably because I spent one day delayed at an airport and one day in a cabin on a ferry with a seasick boyfriend. Anyhow. Let's get to the the point. What did I read?

What’s it About? Twinkle wants to be the world's most successful Indian-American filmmaker ever when she grows up. She has a plan and a boatload of passion -  her plan begins with directing the school film with the twin brother of her crush...
What I liked I did like it. It's a cute, fluffy, easy read (just what you need when your flight has been cancelled and you're stuck in an airport) - Twinkle is cute and watching her spend time with Sahil is lovely. I also felt like her deteriorating friendship with Maddie was mostly realistic and honest.  
What I liked Less I did feel like the friendship angle with Maddie and Twinkle would have benefitted from a little more backstory and there's a bit of a love-square going on which was super predictable and a bit eye-rolly. The whole thing read a lot younger than When Dimple Met Rishi which was a shame because I think they're pitched at the same market? It was super predictable also. 

What’s it About? So there's this coffee shop where you can go back in time, except only if you sit in one chair, which you can't leave, and you have to be back in the present before the coffee gets cold. This book is the story of people who have sat in that chair.
What I liked I am such a sucker for translations for the Japanese; they seem, to me, to be drenched in whimsy and I am so here for it. I loved this. It's quirky and clever and the story gave me all the feels. I smiled, I had a lump in my throat, full emotional range, guys. I loved it. I feel like I could wax lyrical about this one for a while - it's such a unique, clever, lovely book. 
What I liked Less I didn't want it to end. So good. I didn't want it to be end, and yet somehow it was perfect for being so short. 

What’s it About? Stella, who has Asperger's employs escort Michael to teach her how to be in a relationship.
What I liked  Ok, so this is basically just another take on the fake!relationship trope and when I'm in the mood for reading a romance, this is one of the tropes I love the most. Michael and Stella reminded me of a grown up Lara Jean and Peter and I love the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series with all my fluffy heart. Like those books but with all the sex. There's a lot to like here - Stella and Michael are pretty cute, Stella is a really excellent character, it's ownvoices Autism I think, which we need more of, it was a fast read - really really easy to power through. Michael's family are adorable - again, reminded me of the family dynamics I loved in the Lara Jean books - and come on people, it's a gender swapped Pretty Woman. Aren't we all here for that?
What I liked Less I did feel a bit weird about the power dynamic between Michael and Stella at various points, like, there were times - several times - that she said something akin to 'I'm not sure I want to' and in a sweet loving sensitive way, Michael swept her along in his sexy plans and it was weird. At odds with what else we'd seen of his personality and his feelings for her. Also, some things felt really really rushed and that was frustrating because this book had so much potential. There's a lot of sex too, like, a lot a lot, which is fine, and not a problem for me but is worth mentioning because if you go into this expecting Eleanor Oliphant you might be surprised. 

What’s it About?  Noah, almost 80, is planning a solo trip to Nice to figure out some stuff from his childhood that's eluding him. Then he gets lumbered being the guardian to an 11 year old nephew he's never met. This book is the two of them getting to know each other on the French Riviera whilst Noah tries to work out his past. 
What I liked Oh, but this book. France. And old man. A little boy. A wartime history. This book. Noah's never had children, so being handed the year old son of his dead sister and being told to take care of him is a shock to the system and watching the two of them get to know each other, locking horns and bickering over everything is so so wonderful. This book warms my heart. Running alongside Noah and Michael's voyage of wonderful self discovery is Noah's look into his past, looking for clues to some old photographs taken by his Mother, in Nice, in the war and that element of the story was so so fascinating and so well done. This book is just a treat to read - such good character studies you don't even know. I was enchanted. 
What I liked Less I don't actually know, if I'm honest. I just really really really liked it. I think occasionally I felt a tiny bit patronised - if that's even the right word? I was a little bit like yes Emma, I know, but it's hard to put that into words and really, this was such a wonderful wonderful book. 

What’s it About? It's about Elise, who in 1980 falls in love with writer Connie Holden and follows her to LA, and it's about Rose, three decades later, looking for answers to the mystery of her mother who disappeared when she was a baby. Rose finds out the last person to see her Mum was Constance Holden, the now reclusive elderly writer and she goes looking for a confession.
What I liked The Miniaturist was good. This is better. I devoured this book, I absolutely loved it; it's funny because when I was reading it I kept thinking about The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo which I read recently and also loved, I think because there are similarities in the way the stories unfold and the link between past and present. I loved how the story jumped from Elise's to Rose's and back again, how strong each narrative voice was and how seamlessly it all flowed. I loved the language and the description and the way it made me feel. I highlighted so many parts that just made me all 'yes, yes that', particularly with regards to Rose and her boyfriend, and I was honestly so swept up, both in the story of this girl who's struggled to find her place because what chance do you have if you're not even good enough for your own Mum, and this other girl who has fallen in love with this older woman, this celebrity almost who seems to have it all together and who is sweeping her along in this tidal wave of a life. It's beautifully written and cleverly woven and I was utterly absorbed from start to finish. I want to read it again. And the cover. Oh my. 
What I liked Less I gave it 5 stars y'all, I can't think of anything I didn't like.