Quick July Wrap Up

July, let me show you some love. I had such a fun July, I would like to live it all again, please. It was busy though, oh so busy. Also I am so tardy in getting this post up. Blogger fail. 


What I did:

·      One of my girls turned 5 and had a tea-party to celebrate so I headed over there for birthday cake and loveliness.

·     I went round to my friend's house where she made me tagliatelle carbonara and then I had a date with my bestie where we watched Andy Murray play tennis on my sofa with a Maccies - we were on my sofa, not Andy Murray, in case that wasn't clear.

My Best Guy and I had a sneaky weekend in London so he could visit his Mum. We ate tapas and we went to Windsor and it was delightful. My favourite weekends with him are the more off the cuff ones, where things just sort of happen, and we have the best of times and just laugh and laugh. 

·       I dated my best friend. It was Helen's birthday so I took her to Ilkley Cinema for a screening of Everybody's Talking About Jamie, we had pizza and dough balls delivered to our seats and it was lush. Tennis and theatre are 'our things' so I loved that I got to do with her on her actual happy birthday day.

·         I went with MBG and a couple of our friends to Lytham Festival. We saw Sophie Ellis Bexter and and Kylie and Wet Wet Wet and Rod Stewart. We had VIP tickets for Wet Wet Wet and Rod and there was lots of food and lots of gin and just a really excellent couple of days. We laughed til we cried and danced as the sun set and it was genuinely the best weekend I've had in ages. Loved it. I'm still smiling about it now.

 When the sun shone one night MBG picked me up after work and we put the roof down on the car and went for a long drive. We stopped off at one of our favourite pubs for food and then at a pub in the middle of nowhere for a drink and laughed way too hard about confusing naturist with humanist and would that could mean. Ha. 

 I spent a Sunday with my Dad, we ate a huge roast dinner and then walked it off and it was lovely; I don't spend enough one on one time with him and it made me realise I need to change that. 

   There was a heatwave in July and one Tuesday I wanted to go to the seaside after work. MBG, because he is a hero, changed around his work and we headed to the coast for an evening of walking on the prom and eating Greek food and drinking gin and tonic in a bar we love and eating ice cream from a van. Perfect summer nights are perfect. 

 I met up with some girlfriends. There were burgers. 

 I went walking again with my pal Sarah. I'm hoping this will become a fairly regular thing the two of us do as I had a lovely day. 

  I headed to Ramsbottom and played in waterfall with Jane, Lydia and Elise and then took Lydia for hot chocolate and a catch up. I love hanging out with her, 9 going on 19 that kid and ever so much fun.


July in 3 photos:

Waterfall Fun
Obligatory T & C photo

Actual Rod Stewart

I read:

5 books in July. I feel better about that.

I listened to:

Becoming by Michelle Obama. Lots of Rod Stewart and Kylie

I watched:

Poldark, obviously , After on Netflix, the new season of OitNB -or at least, I started that. 

Bookish plans for August:

I'm reading Miracle Creek right now. I think I might read Code Name Verity for Off My Bookshelf and I have ARCs of Tan France's book, Frankisstein by Jeanette Winterson and The Last that I need to get to. I'd also like to read Caraval. Including the book I've already read, that would be 7 so that's a fair enough target I think.