My Holiday Reading List

I find it hilarious that even though I travel with a Kindle now, I still spend so. much. time before I go on holiday agonising over my holiday reading list.

Can you even remember the days pre Kindle? Wow. I used to have relaxing beach holidays then, a fair amount of time spent on a sun-lounger, and I lived in a constant fear of running out of books; I could go through a book a day on holiday and when you're away for 2 weeks with a 20kg baggage allowance, well, it leaves little room for anything else. I had to choose between books and shoes. Life was hard.

You'd think that now I have thousands of books in one 200g package that my worries would be gone, but alas (earwax) this is not the case. I think it's because when I'm on holiday I don't really like to have to think - I don't want to have to scroll through pages of books and really consider what to go for next and then of course I have a vague TBR plan each month at home anyway and so why do I even think I can throw caution to the wind when I'm on my hols?

I cannot.

Throwing of caution is not in my skill set. Throwing of anything is not in my skill set.

Anyhow, I thought I would share with you my holiday reading list for this summer, which, by the way, I have put more thought into than you probably realise. So much time scrolling through my Kindle, I swear. Bless my heart. (I've also put all these books in a collection called 'holiday' for easy access. I'm so cool.)


Akin, the new novel from Emma Donoghue, which is out in October and which I'm thinking I'll read on holiday because it's set in the French Riviera and that is where we are going, for part of our trip anyway. I hope it is not like Room because let's be real here: a holiday read that is not. Ha.

A Single Thread by Tracy Chevalier which is set in 1932 which is on this list because it sounds wonderful, and it's published whilst I'm away and as such feels timely and like I will have achieved a small goal. Also I have a pair of scissors like those on the cover which is fun times.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold which is out mid-September and is about a cafe where you can go to time travel. Sounds excellent. I like coffee, I like time travel. I'm here for this.

The Confession which is the new novel from Jessie Burton because I recently read and loved The Miniaturist and I'm really keen to see what Jessie does next. It also sounds really excellent.

Legend because I recently read Caraval and I want to know what happens next in that magical delightful world. I am so enamoured you don't even know. It's kind of like something between The Night Circus and The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and I am beyond fascinated by the whole thing.

From Twinkle, With Love because it sounds like a fun holiday read. who doesn't love a romantic summer read? When Dimple Met Rishi by the same author was adorable and I feel like this is the perfect easy airport read.

The Kiss Quotient because how have I not yet? I'm hearing about this in all of the places and I have serious bookish FOMO. Also, I have such a thing for the whole fake dating trope so honestly this sounds like it could be right up my alley.

Once I'd have read all of those and more on an 11 day holiday but my holidays are different now. There's less sitting about and more long car journeys and long walks and sitting chatting in bars, none of which lends itself to a voyage of literary discovery. If I manage three of them I'll be happy, happen 4 as I can often quite easily do a book at the airport/on the plane when I'm travelling alone which Iam for the outward leg, although I'm kind of thinking I can use that time to finish Michelle Obama's book which I've been listening to on audiobook (and loving) for ages.

Watch this space!!