Quick June Wrap Up

June was a nice month, even though MBG abandoned me to go cycling in Saint Gervais for almost the whole month. I missed him a whole lot, but mostly I was just super envious of the fact he was in the mountains when it was 36 degrees and I was not. He did drive for two days solid to go with me to a party though so you know, we can forgive him.

Anyhow - June.  

What I did:

·       Before he went away MBG and I went to Cheshire to visit my friend Natalie and her family. We went out for dinner with Nat and her husband and drank lots of wine, stopped up til 1am listening to music and then on Sunday headed off for a forest walk with Mark and Nat and their youngest boy, Dan who's 7. It was a lovely time.  

·       I hung out with Helen and Molly for a Saturday afternoon which was a nice time - Molly was both cuddly and entertaining -  and then one evening Helen and I had a hot chocolate and food date - wine dates are on hold right now as she's pregnant, although I did have wine, does that make me a bad friend? - and a grown up catch up which I loved. I love Molly and I lovelovelove the time I have with her but I also selfishly like to get Helen to myself every now and then too. 

·         MBG and I had date night in which we ate so much curry and then headed home to watch Killing Eve, which we love, in bed. We are the most rock and roll of all the couples, seriously. On the Sunday that weekend we ate tapas and then dropped in on our Rammy friends for spur of the moment cake and a catch-up. 

·         I was poorly sick for a few days so had a couple of days off from work which was super rubbish. I'm really not at all good at not being well. I spent a lot of ime in bed with the cats watching the rest of Killing Eve. I think I just had a nasty viral infection but it really took it out of me and I spent the rest of the month feeling exhausted.

 I had My Little Best Pal over for a sleepover. I was poorly and not really up for any shenanigans  so we ate pizza and watched The Parent Trap and it was cute and lovely. She's at a really excellent age now - 9.5 - where I can really engage with her on a different level, we can have these grown up chats and yet she still wants to curl her giant self up on my lap and I love it. She also took very good care of me and kept offering to make me cups of tea and I wanted to just eat her up. 

·         Then, I met up with my friend Sarah for the first time since 2015!!  We went for a long-ish walk and had a spot of lunch and put the world to rights and I realised how much I had missed her. 

 I met Natalie at the Trafford Centre for shopping and chit-chat. Natalie twice in a month! I love that. 

I caught up with my friend Kez, she came over to my house and we ate macaroni cheese and drank a bottle of wine and chatted. It was a nice time. 
I     I went for pizza with my parents before they went on holiday which was excellent and yummy. 

I got my hair did and my nails did and then MBG returned (hurrah) and we headed to Rammy for a night in a hotel and my friend Jane's 40th which was basically some of the yummiest food I've ever eaten and far too much wine. Like actually, far too much wine.
      Molly had her first dance show which was cuter than it had any right to be, and then I cooked Indian Cottage Pie up at MBG's (from a Gousto recipe which I'm going to talk about soon) and we watched Kylie at Glastonbury. 

June in 3 photos:

When you realise your tiny kitten is now a panther

Sundays are made for sangria and beer

My Mum and Dad, cuter than the average forever.
I read:

Clearly far too poorly to read in June. I can't remember the last time I only read two books in a month.

I listened to:

Becoming by Michelle Obama, still. It's taking a while but don't worry: I am loving it,

I watched:

The Americans - never getting tired of Matthew Rhys on my screen.  Killing Eve. Gentleman Jack

Bookish plans for July:

 I've got a proof copy of Expectation by Anna Hope still to read which I'm super excited about. I want to finish The Miniaturist  and I also want to read The King's Men because I didn't get to it in June, and I have Becoming Mrs Lewis to get to also from my June list and other than that I do not know. I need to do some proper book planning, I think as I am now behind by one whole month. I need to pick an off my bookshelf for July also