Quick May Wrap Up

Honestly, I can't believe I am already writing my May 2019 wrap-up. What is even happening, where o' where is this year going?! 

Anyhow, May was ok - I liked it, although there was still more physio than I would generally like, the rest of the month was pretty cool. 

What I did:

·         I met up with my friend Natalie - at the Trafford Centre - we had a bit of a mooch round the shops and she bought me Happy Birthday Tapas because she's super lovely. It's lovely catching up with her because we don't get to see each other all that often so that couple of hours every couple of months is super important to me.

·          My Best Guy and I headed off for a sneaky long weekend in Saint Gervais for the bank holiday which always falls the weekend after my birthday. I was expecting it to be hot as it'd been 22 degrees when we were there in March. It was not. It snowed. Plans for bike rides (him) and long mornings reading in coffee shops (me) were thwarted by the inclement weather but instead we walked and talked and napped and had a generally lovely time. 

·         MBG and I also had a couple of Friday afternoon dates - Carluccio's at Cheshire Oaks and fruit beer in Manchester followed by tapas in Ramsbottom. There's a place in Rammy where the tapas is to die for; I think you usually have to book but we were early enough that they had a little table for two tucked away in the back and it was divine. We had this red snapper dish that was so good we almost fought over who ate the last bite. Ha.  

·         I headed over to Ramsbottom again, solo this time, and caught up with my friend Jane - we had lunch and a cocktail at Hoyster's which is my fave place to go with her and then we rode bikes on the front street with her daughter (my little best pal).

·         There was a brunch date with Helen, Dan and Molly in which it was lovely to catch up, the roast tomatoes were disappointing and Molly left me alone in a play house. This is the story of my relationship with that kid, I swear. 

 Our friends had their annual big bash in May - fruit cider, good friends and an Elvis tribute. What a day / night that was. It's always such a highlight of the year, almost worth the guaranteed hangover. So. Much. fun. I didn't even mind the two mile midnight walk home - My Best Guy conned my drunken self into believing we'd set off and flag a taxi on the way. We were in the middle of nowhere. It was never going to happen. Ha. - We also made concrete plans for our summer 2020 holiday so that's exciting!! 
·         My biggest Goddaughter had her baby shower which was super lovely, if it did make me feel super old. I mean my God Daughter is having her own baby. Wow.

I went with MBG to his hospital appointment which went really well (hurrah for that because I cannot even tell you how anxious I always get in the two weeks beforehand) so we headed out for celebratory food. We wanted to go to Saltaire to a little place we love called Don't Tell Titus but they were filming a new show for Netflix and the whole village was closed. We went to Haworth instead and ate crab bon bons. Yum.

 There was Mother Daughter QT in the form of tapas (lots of tapas in May) and West Side Story at the Royal Exchange. 

  A new Thai takeaway place opened in town so we ordered Phad Thai and Chicken Massaman and actually it was delicious. I feel like a Thai place at the top of the road is going to cause problems - as if we don't eat enough Thai already. 

 We ate our body weight in Indian food, and then our body weight in Sunday Roast (not on the same day, we're not that greedy) and we watched Gentleman Jack and discussed how great we think Suranne Jones is. For different reasons entirely I suspect!

  The kittens turned one. They are no longer kittens. BRB sobbing forever.

May in 3 photos:

Hanging with my Little Best Pal

Getting ready for the party.

Obligatory Tango and Cash photograph.

I read:

I listened to:

Becoming by Michelle Obama

I watched:

New Amsterdam because I am always and forever here for a good hospital drama. Also Gentleman Jack, a bit of Queer Eye and this thing on Amazon called Famous in Love which is not great but very addictive. 

Bookish plans for June:

 I've got a proof copy of Expectation by Anna Hope to read which I'm super excited about. I want to read The Miniaturist as my off my bookshelf book because my friend Sarah text me about how good it was last week and I also want to read The King's Men which is the last in the All for the Game series because I loved the first two and have forced myself to hold off on reading this one, and I have Becoming Mrs Lewis to get to also and my Mum has challenged me to read a Miss Marple.