Quick April Wrap Up

April was cute. I liked it. It was also crazy busy and full of all the fun stuff.

What I did:

·         The start of the month was the end of our ski season.  I think we were in Cambridge which was lovely if cold. Not skiing, obviously, but travelling home. We basically just walked on the river, found a nice pub, got drunk and then marvelled at all the pretty old buildings. It was a nice time.

·          My Mum and I hung out with Helen and Molly at the park. Molly taught us how to feed the ducks and then we had lunch. It was lovely. And then the day after that I caught up with another friend for brunch. We had kippers. They were so delicious but why are there always so many bones?

·         I spent a lot of the month in physio. I thought I'd just hurt my knee but actually it turns out the whole right side of my body is a wreck. It's been so painful. So very very painful. However, whilst I do keep telling him he's torturing me, my physio is actually rather good at his job and I am feeling so much better so hurrah for that - although I fear it will take a while for my bank balance to forgive me. I added up the costs so far last week and made myself really sad. 

·         My friend Sue who I actually don't think I've seen for five years came up with her husband and children to Leeds to visit family (she lives in Norfolk) so one day I drove over after work. We all got food from Pizza Express and I got to meet her two children who are a delight, then Sue and I headed to a little bar where we had a much needed catch up. I love the friends who you can not see for years and then catch up with and feel like you've put the world to rights. It was like picking up where we left off and it was so so so nice.

·         MBG and I went to Hebden Bridge for dinner and drinks. It's one of our favourite places and we had the loveliest times. I drank mango cider which was far too tasty and we laughed at the stupidest things and both wished we'd worn warmer clothes because let me tell you this: that was a cold Saturday night. 

·         Easter AKA 4 days off work and all the Mini Eggs. My bro was home for the weekend so Easter Monday was a family meal out which was nice. Easter also meant a beer garden Good Friday lunch, drinks with friends, physio on the Saturday morning (at 8.45am what even is my life...), fruity cider and a catch up with MBG's best pals, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday driving with the roof down, tapas, and more drinks with friends. It was a glorious weekend and I loved every second.

 Helen, Dan and I saw Take That which was obviously most excellent. Forever and always a fan of that middle-aged boyband. 

·         MBG and I had a night in a hotel in Ramsbottom so we could eat birthday curry with my friend Jane and her husband. We ate too much and drank too much and there was a sauna at the hotel so that was a lovely time.

I went with my Mum to Ilkley, we did a bit of shopping and had lunch at Betty's and then watched The King and I at llkley Cinema which is my new favourite place to watch a film, especially when the film is one of my Mum's favourites. I love spending one on one time like that with my Mum. It was such a brilliant day. Also Betty's: lush. We took Fat Rascal's home for MBG and my Dad because we're kind like that. 

  Then, it was my birthday. I didn't work because I never ever do and basically just had a really lovely chilled out day which ended with cheese pie and gin & tonic and cuddles from MBG. 36 though: so not a fan.

April in 3 photos:

Birthday espresso

Bank Holiday sunshine fun times 

your monthly Tango and Cash
I read:

I listened to:

Take That!

I watched:

Line of Duty. Bridget Jones' Diary, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, This is Us (I am so addicted to This Is Us, you don't even know. 

Bookish plans for May:

I didn't get to  Flambards, last month, so that, i thin. I also want to read Text Me When You Get home and I've got a proof copy of Goulash to read which I'm super excited about.  I'm on my fifth book of the month already actually so if I manage these three also that will be an 8 book month which will be amazing. Also, I have Becoming on audio which I have started listening to at the gym.