Things That I Have Seen and Liked

Guys, it's my birthday today! Happy birthday me! I felt like I should celebrate my own self with a little Things That I Have Seen and Liked because, well, I haven't done one of these posts in an age have I, which is crazy, because trust me: there are always things that I am seeing and liking. 

Let me share some of them with you now. 

I am in love with this Paris print Partly because it has hot air balloons and partly because I am a little obsessed with all things Paris ever since our trip there earlier this year. I thought no city would ever top New York for me. I was wrong. Anyway, this would look super above my bed and I am so so tempted to order it in a giant size and just be happy about it forever. I love it.

Oh my goodness would you look at this. I have been after a cat cave for Tango and Cash for a while; I read that there's something about the lanolin in the wool that cats love and this is so gorgeous. I love it.  I would put it in my living room and it would make me happy and make them happy and isn't that a win-win? Although I wonder if it matches my sofa. And my rug. Whatever, I'd make it work.

No, you have too many bookmarks and insist on using a scrap of paper to mark your place. These, though, are the prettiest I've seen in a while and if I'm honest I want one in every colour way. Absolutely lush. Also, they're like £7 including delivery. I have the tan animal print one already and it's gorgeous. Also, they will personalise them free of charge which is fabulous.

I'm a little crazy when it comes to bedding. I'm pretty sure it should be one set on and one in the wash. I have about 8 sets and always want more. At the moment I am drawn to this set, from Joe Browns. Isn't it excellent?

If you spend any time at all on bookstagram then you will be familiar with the TBR cart. They are everywhere and I have serious FOMO. I want one. I need one. I shall not be happy without one. I feel like it is vital to my reading life and isn't this one lovely? It would look brill in my reading room although I worry how the cats would treat it.....

I also like this one, from Ikea.

I have, because I am that kind of girl, piles of books in my bedroom. It never looks tidy. I need a bedroom bookcase. I really like this one, and it's not too expensive and I think it would look cute at the end of my bed in-between my wardrobes I'm going to measure up and see if it will fit...

Those shelves, or some similar, would look fabulous with these bookends which I have been lusting after for ages. Although truth be told, I have so many books that bookends aren't really I thing I need. But still: cute. 

Isn't this pretty?  I rather like rings, but I don't really have many of them (I had a gorgeous mood ring but I think I lost it in a bar one night and I am sad) and I think this would be nice on my thumb. It's from a small English business too which makes it that bit sweeter.

Now there's every chance that this skirt is going to be way too long for me to ever wear but that doesn't mean I love it any less. How perfect is it for those summer days?! Love it.