(Not So) Quick (December and) January Wrap Up

I’m here today to do a two month wrap up because I failed in January – no festive wrap up from me in the New Year ,which is surprising really because I loved December. Maybe it’s because I love Christmas so much but oh my goodness December was a fabulous month full of ALL THE FUN STUFF. It was a month where life felt good and I saw all my faves and read some good books and just pretty much loved it from start to finish.  As for January. Well, January just kind of is, isn’t it. Stuff happened. I was sleepy.

I feel like if I was to go into detail about the whole of the last two months we’d be here a while so I’ll just give you a couple of highlights.

What I did:

·         I had a weekend in Edinburgh with my friend Natalie where we ate and drank and shopped and stopped up til 2am watching Freddie Mercury on YouTube.
·         I SAW DARREN CRISS IN CONCERT. If you’re new around here then you may be unaware of how hard I love Darren Criss. I made my bestie promise that if he ever toured in the UK she’d go with me. AND THEN HE DID (with Lea Michele) and it was incredible. Such raw talent from both of them.
·         I had the most wonderful festive afternoon tea with my bestie and our respective mothers and Helen’s little girl Molly. Molly is three and so Christmas was magic for her this time and it was ADORABLE.
·         I had ‘fake Christmas’ with some good friends – present opening and the Strictly final and board games and a Christmas dinner. Perf.
·         My pal Mark played Dr Doolittle in Dr Doolittle and was amazing. I was proud.
·         One of my colleagues had a fancy dress party – I was Velma from Scooby Doo.
·         CHRISTMAS: Christmas Eve and morning with my bestie, which was lush lush lush, home to watch Chalet Girl with the kittens and then Christmas Dinner with my family, again: lush. We built lego and raced Santas and it was excellent.
·         On Boxing Day I flew to Geneva to be reunited with my best guy. We ate tartiflette and skied and went to an excellent New Year’s Eve party and generally had The Best Time.
·         WE WENT TO PARIS. Oh my goodness gracious though, that city. I was not at all prepared to fall so hard and so fast. I’m already desperate to go back.
·         I saw The Producers in Manchester with my Helen and The Mothers.
·         My Best Guy and I snuck off back to France for two days on the slopes which was amazing; I think I did my best skiing ever.

December and January in 4 photos:

Absolutely love a ski holiday with my fave.

Finally made it to Shakespeare and Company, Paris

Tango and Cash, obvs.

Fancy dress with my work gang. 

I read:

I listened to:

Radio Mont Blanc and all the Christmas playlists!

I watched:

Chalet Girl and The Princess Switch. Riverdale. The Bodyguard. The Snow Wolf. David Attenborough’s Dynasties. The Marvellous Mrs Maisel. Les Miserables, Grace and Frankie. You. Other stuff that I cannot remember because it's been so long.

I can recommend You though - I was gripped from start to finish. Also if you can find The Snow Wolf on iPlayer, we loved that. 

Bookish plans for February
I’ve just read Enchantee and I’m reading Ruin and Rising right now and listening to The Music Shop on audiobook. I want to read The Scent of Death,  Blackberry and Wild Rose, The Last, Beautiful Broken Things and Fierce Fragile Hearts. And if I have time A Love Story for Bewildered Girls. We’ll see how that goes.