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Fun times guys. I'm handing over the blog to Rachel Lynch (her new novel, the next in the DI Kelly Porter series, which is a series I am super fond of, was published on Monday) so she can chat about how she achieves the balance she needs in her writing.  Imma pass over to Rachel now, and then I'll stick all the info about the book at the end because trust me: if you like a good police procedural then this series will be right up your street....

How do you balance writing about the crimes with Kelly Porter’s personal life?
Sometimes, the criminal activity- and the investigation into it- needs to take a back seat, because readers really want to know what is going on in Kelly Porter’s personal life. She’s now (by book four) got a solid, yet still unpredictable, cast of both supportive and unsupportive characters around her, and they each deserve a balance of air time in every DI Kelly Porter story.
Kelly’s relationship with Johnny Frietze is very much in its infancy. It has the potential to go in lots of different directions. They’re similar in lots of ways, but different enough to create light and shade. They both love their jobs, and they are both financially secure. They share plenty of hobbies and, as a result of getting to spend little quality time together, they make the most of it.
Her relationship with her mother is a fairly new development in her life, and has become deeper and more satisfying with each book. In contrast to that, her sister continues to cause Kelly emotional disappointment and irritation. Nikki has led a non-descript and dissatisfying life, and lashes out at Kelly at every opportunity. The angst between the sisters comes and goes and will continue beyond book four, by which time, Kelly has learned to ignore her to some extent.
I’ve been asked if Kelly will get married and have children. At the moment, I don’t see that happening. She’s carving a life for herself without the stereotypical expectations imposed on a woman of her age. She spends her time- when not working- running, sailing and exploring her childhood haunts.
Her camaraderie with Ted Wallis is one of the most important connections that develops over the series, and I have great affection for Ted. Kelly spends quality professional time with him, but, increasingly, more personal time with him too, as she learns more about her own history. He’s a calming, rational and warm influence on Kelly’s life, and, alongside Johnny, provides a cocoon of solid reliability and grown up connections for the series, which serve to inoculate her, to some extent, against the worst of human nature.  
Kelly’s personal life has evolved organically and is more joyful to explore with each instalment. She’s pulled apart by the demands of her job, but she’s also learning what glues her back together; what to discard and what to hold on to, with each new story.

Title: Bitter Edge

Author Name: Rachel Lynch

Previous Books (if applicable): Dark Game, Deep Fear and Dead End

Genre: Crime Fiction

Release Date: 25th February 2019

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Book Blurb:
DI Kelly Porter is back, but so is an old foe and this time he won’t back down...
When a teenage girl flings herself off a cliff in pursuit of a gruesome death, DI Kelly Porter is left asking why. Ruled a suicide, there’s no official reason for Kelly to chase answers, but as several of her team’s cases converge on the girl’s school, a new, darker story emerges. One which will bring Kelly face-to-face with an old foe determined to take back what is rightfully his – no matter the cost.
Mired in her pursuit of justice for the growing list of victims, Kelly finds security in Johnny, her family and the father she has only just discovered. But just as she draws close to unearthing the dark truth at the heart of her investigation, a single moment on a cold winter’s night shatters the notion that anything in Kelly’s world can ever truly be safe.
Don't miss this gripping crime thriller featuring a phenomenal detective. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Patricia Gibney and Robert Bryndza.

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Rachel Lynch grew up in Cumbria and the lakes and fells are never far away from her. London pulled her away to teach History and marry an Army Officer, whom she followed around the globe for thirteen years. A change of career after children led to personal training and sports therapy, but writing was always the overwhelming force driving the future. The human capacity for compassion as well as its descent into the brutal and murky world of crime are fundamental to her work.
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Twitter: @r_lynchcrime