Books I Gifted in 2018

It probably comes as a surprise to approximately nobody that I like to give books as gifts. Of course I do, and if I'm giving you a book that I've already read and loved then you should think yourself a tiny bit lucky because I'm also gifting you a window into my soul. Or something.

Basically, I get very very involved in the books that I love and I want to share the books that I love with the people that I love and so if you are a person I hold in high regard then you'll probably receive a book as a gift from me at some point.

Even if you don't even like to read: case in point, my best guy who would rather ride a bike than read a book and who I bought a book all about cycling regardless (I also bought him a book about how to speak emoji but that's a whole other story).

It was this one, if you wondered.

Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to talk about the books I gave as gifts last year and so that is what I'm doing. Partly because it makes a change from a book review, partly because it gives me yet another chance to talk about books I like and partly so you all know what a generous panda I am. Also, if you have a brother/mother/friend you think might like the gift of a book then you could take inspiration from this list because or the most part I can guarantee they're smashing reads.

Artemis was a birthday present for my brother because read it last January and I loved it and something told me it would be right up his street because IT IS A HEIST ON THE MOON WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE. I did excellent work because after he read it he text me being all JOSEPHINE I READ THIS BOOK IN TWO DAYS which is why I win all the big sister awards. Seriously though, this book is such a good read.

Everything I Know About Love. Oh man my love for this knows no bounds. I think I need to read it again. I gave this as a gift twice last year to two of my friends. My best friend Helen is the Farly to my Dolly and I hope she reads this book and knows that. This is just pretty much the book for my generation; it's like Dolly is inside your head. I spent the whole time laughing and nodding my head in recognition and thinking 'yes, that.' It's brilliant.

Girls Can Do Anything was a recommendation from Helen - she'd borrowed it from the library Molly - that I then purchased and gave to one of my small people to celebrate her first month at school. It's a fabulous fabulous book about how, well, how girls can do anything and I love it. I LOVE IT. It needs to be in every little girl's library. And maybe every big girl's too.

My little best pal loves to read but it doesn't come easy for her - I bought her the first Daisy book for her birthday in January and she loved it, so she got the second after doing well in gymnastics later in the year and the last one for Christmas. There's so many Daisy books and I'm excited to build up her collection and nurture that love of books that makes my heart sing.

Ready Player One was a Christmas present for my brother. I listened to this on audiobook and I think it's SO GOOD so I was more than happy to spread the love. Again - right up his street, I think. He's always been a gamer so I can totally see him loving this story; I'm not a gamer and I loved this story. Anyhow he's already seen the film and liked it so I think this will be another hit. Hashtag the book is always better.

<3 p=""> Dear Mrs Bird made up part of my Mum's Christmas present this year - I knew it would as soon as I read it.  It's just an absolute delight. Sometimes you just need a little bit of escapism and this is absolutely that. I hope she likes it.

I gave my Dad a copy of The Book of Dust which unbelievably I haven't read yet, but, it was my Dsd who introduced me to His Dark Materials so I'm certain he'll like it. Perhaps I'll buddy read it with him...

Ru Paul, Guru,
  which I can tell you nothing about as I haven't even seen a clip of the show but Helen is obsessed and I needed a little stocking filler and so this seemed to fit the bill. She laughed when she opened it and I take that to be A Good Sign.

Tell me about the books YOU give as gifts...