Let's Talk About Gousto

Everybody knows I love a good subscription box. Mostly because I am such a fan of getting things in the post that aren't bills.

I subscribed to Birchbox for over a year, and loved it - I cancelled earlier this year because a girl can only use so many hair masks but until it started to get repetitive I used to really look forward to it every month, and there's quite a few products that I sampled through Birchbox that I now buy full-size and use on the regs.

I also subscribe to Illumicrate, which is a bookish subscription box and which I love - it always comes with a new or pre-release book which is pretty much always something I want to read, and it's full to bursting with bookish swag which I am always always here for. Illumicrate day is the highlight of my month. Especially when it contained a copy of Aurora, Rising.

 I love subscription boxes, and so when I was catching up with my pal Sue just before Easter and she told me she had a referral code for Gousto if I wanted it, it took me approx. 0.3 seconds to say yes.

Gousto is a meal sub box. Basically, you choose your plan (number of people [2 or 4] and number of meals each week), pay your money, choose your recipes and then they send you the recipes and precisely measured ingredients for you to cook up tasty meals.

I've seen them about, there are other companies doing similar things too and I look at them and think they sound interesting but then I wonder if it's a bit of a gimmick and I don't bother taking it any further. Sue's referral though, gave me 50% off my first box, and 30% off for a month after and actually it wasn't expensive (50% off the 2 person 4 meal plan worked out at £2.18 per portion) and when I went online the recipes looked super yummy, so I signed up.

The thing is, I live on my own so, more often than not I am cooking for just me. & because I'm cooking for just me, I find I often can't be bothered and most recipes require ingredients I don't have just hanging out in my cupboard so cooking things that are a bit more exciting can work out costly, and also wasteful because I only need a tiny bit of something, so I don't bother. This Gousto thing changes all of that and was also perfectly timed for me because I am on a health kick and determined to eat better - to lose weight but also to feel better in myself. I eat a lot of crap, frankly.


So, as I was saying, you place your order and pick your delivery date and then the food rocks up in a little box with woolcool and ice packs and it's all perfectly measured so you have exactly what you need. I figured that if I chose the' 2 person 4 meal' box then because I am only 1 person I would have lunch and tea for 4 days, which works out perfectly for my working week. Perfect. Also, I can, if I'm feeling generous, make a delicious meal for me and My Best Guy, which is FABULOUS because he's totally the cook in our relationship and cooks for me all the time so it's really nice to be able to say 'I'll cook for you tonight' and whip up some kind of fancy bean and feta stew in half an hour.

My first week I ordered Lasagne, Linguine with Smoked Mackerel, Lamb Tabbouleh and Risotto with Squid Ink and Cod, and I loved them all. The recipes are easy to follow, and the meals are so tasty - so tasty that I felt like I should change my name to Nigella. I was hooked. I get my box delivered on a Monday, but I eat with my parents that day, so my box (if I'm not being A Good Girlfriend and sharing) does my evening meal Tuesday-Friday and lunch Wednesday - Saturday.

I worked out that actually, even once my 30% off month is over, if I pay full price I'm only paying £35 for 4 days lunches and tea. £4.50 a meal, ish. It's not bad, is it. And it works out because we have one 'fat' day at work anyway, on a Monday or Tuesday where we get lunch delivered in, and I eat at my parents one evening during the week so 4 lunches and 4 teas is just what I need. It's tasty, it's much healthier than I ate before, it's affordable and it makes me cook proper food. I won't do it every week, but on the weeks I have no evening plans, it's a really nice treat.

Also I HAVE MY OWN DISCOUNT CODE. If you want a go then you too can get 50% off your first box and 30% off for a month, and if you use my code then I get £15 credited to my account. It's a win win. Just pop code JOSEP25312096 into the checkout when you place your first order. It's worth a go, I promise. MBG is on the bandwagon already.

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