Quick July Wrap Up

July, let me show you some love. I had such a fun July, I would like to live it all again, please. It was busy though, oh so busy. Also I am so tardy in getting this post up. Blogger fail. 


Review: Expectation

Much of their lives is still before them. They have made mistakes but they are not fatal. They are no longer young but they do not feel old. They still have time, time to look backwards and look forwards

Off My Bookshelf: The Miniaturist

Here she is a puppet, a vessel for others to pour their speech. And it is not a man she has married, but a world

Book Review: Daisy Jones and the Six

livetoreadreadtolive daisy jones and the six

“He said, "I'm going to use that in something one day." And he wrote it down on a napkin and put it in his back pocket. I thought to myself, "What the hell makes you think I'm not going to use it in something once day?" But, of course, there it was in his next movie. That's how it was back then. I was just supposed to be the inspiration for some man's great idea.” 

Blog Tour: Bitter Edge

Fun times guys. I'm handing over the blog to Rachel Lynch (her new novel, the next in the DI Kelly Porter series, which is a series I am super fond of, was published on Monday) so she can chat about how she achieves the balance she needs in her writing.  Imma pass over to Rachel now, and then I'll stick all the info about the book at the end because trust me: if you like a good police procedural then this series will be right up your street....

Series Review: Grisha Verse

Come and sit down and talk to me about The Grishaverse. I read the entire trilogy in January and I kind of want to flail around in my own feelings a little bit.