The Longest Books My Bestie's Read According to Goodreads

A couple of weeks ago I did a post (which was actually so much fun to put together) wherein I basically listed what Goodreads told me were the longest books I've read.

And then my bestie text me one of the books off her list, and I laughed because she's funny which is one of the reasons she's my bestie and then I said 'send me your list' and so this is that.

THE TEN LONGEST BOOKS MY BESTIE HAS READ (with commentary from me) and a bonus book number 15 because that's the one that started the whole conversation.

At number 10 she has Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at 652 pages which everybody should read because it's Harry Potter

The Other Boleyn Girl at 661 pages which is also on my list and I am still shocked at how long it is. My bestie can read a Philippa Gregory novel in 0.28 seconds, it's quite impressive.

To Serve Them All My Days at 688 pages. I have no idea what this is. Goodreads says it's about WW1 and a soldier with shellshock who comes back from the war and decides to be a teacher. She's given it 5 stars and I do like war stories so perhaps I should give it a go?

The Thorn Birds at 692 pages is, I think, about a priest who falls in love - I'm assuming with somebody from his congregation? I seem to recall it being quite scandalous Back In The Day. She has not given it a rating which makes it hard for me to know if I should read it, but I do like a good bit of forbidden love so mebbes..

Goblet of Fire 734 pages. Again: Potter.

Angels and Demons 736 pages was also on my list I think. I have a soft spot for Dan Brown although I only gave it three stars. Helen hasn't rated it. I think we need to have words about this recurring problem.

Breaking Dawn 756 pages HAHAHAHA NO

Deathly Hallows at759 pages. Fun story: when this came out we lived together and had our copies delivered on release day. She had to go out; I stopped home and read and had finished by the time she got home. So I pretty much forced her to speed read like it was a Philippa Gregory whilst repeatedly asking her which bit she was at. I'm a bad friend.

The Crimson Petal and the White at 835 pages. She's given this 4 stars which surprises me because I seem to feel like reading it was not her favourite thing. I haven't read it, but I love Michel Faber and I really want to. Perhaps it will be my Long Book of 2019.

Order of the Phoenix 870 pages and SHOW ME A LIST LIKE THIS THAT THIS IS NOT THE TOP OF.

and that book that started this whole thing off and coming in at number 15 with 569 pages is Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling. I know, I have no words either: in her defence she makes a mean fish pie.