A Very Bookish Gift Guide

I kind of felt like I was overdue an edition of Things That I Have Seen and Liked because there are always things that I have seen and liked and then I realised it's Christmas and that actually, why did I not compile a list of bookish loveliness and call it a Gift Guide and so I did, and this is it, so if you're still doing your Christmas shopping and you have a bookworm on your list and you need some inspiration then, take yourself to Etsy and well, you're welcome.

First off, my bestie got me one of these book bags for Christmas a few years ago and I absolutely love it. They make the perfect gift - pretty and functional and a real talking point. I don't know if this is the exact shop she got mine from, but if not then they're certainly very similar and the range of books is huge. They're UK based too which is always smashing.
Similarly, I'm also in love with these Beatrix Potter purses because look how cute they are. Show me a bookworm who wouldn't love to see one of these under the tree.

I find that bookish jewellery is always a hit. There's so much amazing bookish jewellery out there that I could go on for days just listing it but something like these Agatha Christie earrings is bound to go down a treat. They have cufflinks too which I love.

I think I've talked about bookish sweatshirts before, but I love them, also in winter what could be better than a cosy sweatshirt themed to match your favourite book? I am in love with this simple 'Pemberley' sweatshirt and I am sad it ships from America. There's load of UK based people doing equally lush stuff though if the shipping makes this a little too much for your budget - a quick google brings up loads. 

This one, actually, is a good UK based shop; I've had things from there and love them and their obstinate, headstrong girl sweatshirt makes me so happy. 

Does your bookworm have a wall in which to hang all the bookish prints?
Again, the number of pages I've bookmarked with bookish prints I want in my house is ridiculous - Etsy is overflowing with them - but if you know the books they like you could do worse than something like these from Ideal Bookshelf. They're US based again, but shipping isn't too bad if you were thinking of something for a main present and there's so many options. I think you can customise too...

And then, if you're looking to really splurge on a piece of wall art for your bookworm then something like this would make an amazing gift. 

Finally! If you're really  looking to BLOW THAT BUDGET then I think every bookish person ever would probably die happy if they were gifted something from this shop 

These are not cheap but they're also works of art. I am in absolute awe of the detail that goes into them. They're shipped from Spain but I'm assuming if you can afford to splash out on one of these babies you're not likely to be bothered by shipping charges.  My favourites (this week) are these beach huts at £440:

This Alice in Wonderland piece at £340:

And always always this one, at a whopping £1330. Look at it though.

Also, enamel pins, bookish candles, mugs, socks, bookmarks, Etsy is a hive of bookish goodness for a bookish stocking. It's a wonderful time to be a bookworm. Or to be buying for one, actually.