The Longest Books I've Read According to Goodreads

I saw a post doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago, I think for Top Ten Tuesday, about long books; I was too late to post for that, but the thought of it has stayed with me, probably because of how huge my copy of A Little Life is (still not over that book) and so I thought it would be fun to see what Goodreads tells me are the ten longest books I've read since I signed up in 2009 - so that's what this is.

What are the longest books I've read, how many pages are they, and do I think you should take the leap and read them too (assuming you haven't already).


Coming in at 10 we have Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at a respectable 652 pages. I added it to Goodreads in 2009 which makes sense as that's when I signed up. Do I think you should read it? HAHAHA YES. OBVS. It's Harry Potter - you probably already have.

Number 9 is The Other Boleyn Girl at 661 pages which surprised me as I don't remember it being that long. Again, I added it in May 2009 and yes, you should read it: it's so good it doesn't even feel like the 9th longest book I've read. I loved it.

At 8 we have A Court of Wings and Ruin at 699 pages which I read in 2017 and which you should read if you started the series already because it's annoying to not know how things end. If you didn't then don't sprint to the bookshop in the rain or anything.

Number 7 is A Fraction of the Whole at 711 pages. I read it in 2010 and I still remember how good it is, so yes, if you haven't read this then I totally recommend it.

Number 6 is A Little Life at 720 pages and wow I expected this to be higher up the list because my copy is enormous. I've only just read it. Should you read it? Ask me in a year. I'm not over it yet. I cannot answer.

At the halfway point is Goblet of Fire at 734 pages. There is no answer to Harry Potter that isn't yes.

Number 4 - surprisingly - is Angels and Demons at 736. Another that I added in 2009 and yep, it's a good one, a good one that doesn't feel long..

Number 3 - Breaking Dawn. 756 pages I'll never get back. Read only if it's the only book left on the planet and even then try writing your own book first or look for words in the clouds, or something.

Number 2 is Deathly Hallows at 759 pages. Oh, My heart. Of course you need to read it.

And surprising nobody at 870 pages and the longest book I've read is Order of The Phoenix. I think this is probably the top of most lists, right? Ah, how we all love it, though.

The honourary mentions to the books that would have made the cut were it not for JK Rowling goes to Queen of Shadows (648 pages); The Blind Assassin (637 pages); Alias Grace (636 pages); and American Gods (635 pages)

So there we have it. I have read long books and for the most part I've really liked them. WHO KNEW.