Things That I Have Seen and Liked (and own)

Today I bring you a twist on my usual things that I have seen and liked wherein I usually talk about things that I have seen and liked but don’t own.

A wish list of sorts.

Instead I’m going to talk to you about things in my life that I am enjoying right now or have been enjoying recently. All these things are actual things I can actually recommend because I know all about them.

Full disclosure, this post has been sat in my drafts for weeks because I’m RUBBISH so I’m sorry if I’m talking about sandals in October (I am).

When I was visiting Honfleur in the summer I saw these earring in the cutest little shop and I FELL IN LOVE. I didn’t really wear earrings til I got these but NOW I AM REFORMED BECAUSE LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. Also, I take great pleasure in pointing out to my best guy that I have escargots in my ears: seriously, it never gets old. They’re a brand called Taratata and all of their stuff is just THE MOST LUSH. I have another pair of red poppies which I also love and they have some cat earrings also that I long for.

In the Chloe Madeley book, which I will review when I finally get my arse in gear and actually do a full focussed 4 weeks (I started before my holiday and then since then have just…failed) she talks about the importance of being hydrated.  I have a HydrateM8 bottle at work (thanks Helen) but I love these Chilly’s bottles the rest of the time. It came in super useful on holiday because we both have one so we could buy bottles of chilled water and transfer them into these and thus our water stayed cold whilst we walked in the sweltering heat. I’m pretty much never without it now – I also bought one for my bestie and on for my best guy – and I love that they are functional and beautiful and as such make excellent gifts for everyone ever.

Huh. Where have audiobooks been all my life? Actually that’s a lie because I loved an audiobook as a child. I bet it’s 20 years at least though since I last listened to one properly. However, in my bid to do more walking I downloaded the audible app and I love that I can go for an evening walk whilst somebody reads me a story - which is what I said when I added audiobooks to this list a month or so ago. Now I will be listening to them at the gym, which is the same, really and in fact really helps – I managed 3 x as much of a workout when I was last there because I was so engrossed in my book.

Oh man these were my fave purchase of the summer, maybe. I think when I grow up I want to be Susie Verrill – she’s worn a floral boilersuit recently and I am dead – and I fell in love with these when I saw her wearing them on instagram; they are so bright and so fun and were perfect for our heatwave.

Oooh! Tile Covers!
Hang on, lemme see if I have a before and after photo for you.

Here’s the deal – I live in a rental property and sometimes I browse rightmove ALL THE TIME and wonder ALL THE TIME if I should move because it’s not been given the most TLC,  my house, and sometimes I feel like it’s a bit shabby but I HATE MOVING HOUSE WITH THE FIRE OF ONE THOUSAND BURNING SUNS and so I figure I’ll stay put til I find a house I want to live in for a long time. With this in mind, therefore,  I try to make my little house my own with my own little touches and ignore/hide the tatty things that I wish my landlord would sort out but doubt she ever will. The whole hose could do with a lick of paint and a new carpet truth be told but she’s not going to spend on a house she doesn’t live in and I’m not going to spend on a house I don’t own and so here we are. ANY HOW. I bought these tile covers off Amazon and I put them round my fireplace and they made such a difference.

I love gin. I love a good old fashioned gin and tonic, and I love a flavoured gin and this one is so lovely. I got it for my birthday off my best guy and it’s so rhubarb-y and delicious and it’s nice with tonic or lemonade or rose lemonade or ginger ale. Yum.

Next up: sweatshirts. Oh how sweatshirts have become my go to clothing item of choice. I was always all about the hoody, and for my WHOLE LIFE I’ve been about the chunky knit when autumn comes around. I think though, that this year sweatshirts might have stolen my heart. So cute, so comfy, so versatile. These are my current faves:
This one from Scamp and Dude which I have worn to death because it's so soft and nice.
This one from Hari & the gang which is such a gorgeous colour and goes with anything.
This one from Literary Emporium which oh my goodness so cosy.
and this one from Not On The High Street which I plan to wear for the whole of the festive season.

Also, I have my eye on (but haven't purchased) this cute one which you can personalise with three things you love about Christmas / winter (mince pies and mulled wine and books oh my) and this which I think would be super cute on my ski holiday.

And that, for now, is that because I am in Tenerife and there is sangria to drink. There’s always stuff I like though, so keep your eyes peeled because there might be more of this very soon, especially in the run up to Christmas when lovely stuff is EVERYWHERE…I MIGHT DO A GIFT GUIDE (disclaimer: I probably won't...)