Quick August Wrap Up

This is the latest wrap up post ever oh my goodness. So late in fact, that I can’t even remember what I did in August, which I won’t lie, felt like it went really fast.

Let me pick my own brains here a little bit.

What I did:

·         I went to the Chill Factore (an indoor ski slope in Manchester) and had a ski with my little best pal – she’s 8 and she’s excellent.
·         I had a morning at the park followed by lunch with my bestie and Molly and also my Mum.
·         I went out for curry and drinks with the people from my office. I got too drunk and had late night regrets
·         I went to a gin festival with my best guy and some friends. He got too drunk but did not have late night regrets and it was one of those days when you laugh til you hurt.
·         I saw Mamma Mia 2 with my bestie and our mums.
·         I GOT KITTENS. OH MY I GOT KITTENS. They’re two little brothers, they’re called Tango and Cash and they have changed my life.
·         I went out in Manchester with my best guy and another couple, we ate Italian food and drank cocktails and stopped in a lovely hotel and it was lovely.

August in 3 photos (aka meet Tango and Cash):



 Tango and Cash

I read:

I listened to:

I’m listening to the audiobook of Ready Player One

I watched:

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before which I absolutely LOVED. Really. I loved it so much, as much as I hoped I would given I have a soft spot for the books.

Bookish plans for August:

A Little Life. That was my September plan, and I’ve read it already, so for the rest of the month I have no plans. I’ve gone rogue. I’m reading Jack of Hearts and Other Parts right now, and after then WHO EVEN KNOWS.