Quick May Wrap Up

Ah May. How I have enjoyed you.

May is a smashing month isn’t it – spring has actually definitely sprung, usually, and is even sometimes even edging into summer and everything is colourful and joyful and lovely. I have loved this May loved loved loved.

I think mostly because I’ve spent so much time with so many of my faves and the sun has shone and it’s just been fabulous. Everything seems brighter in the summer amirite?

What I did:


Helen and I took Molly for her first afternoon tea for my birthday. She was excellent value with her cheeky smile and her ‘more jam please’ – kid loves scones. Like with most months I try to squeeze as much Molly-time in as I possibly can so we also spent an afternoon in and out of the paddling pool on her decking and went out for breakfast and a play on the park. She’s at a really excellent age at the moment – nearly 3 – and just makes me laugh.

The first weekend in May was bank holiday. We’d briefly discussed going away for the weekend but ended up staying at home and I’m so glad we did because it was amazing. The weather was the hottest – like actually I think it broke May Day records – and it was pretty much what perfect weekends are made of: road trips with the roof down, paddling pools and brunch and badminton and prosecco and all the things I love with the people who make me smile. Heaven.

Oh! And I saw Joe McElderry at the local theatre which was fun times. My pal Jane loves him more than you can even imagine so I bought her tickets for her birthday cos I am a good friend. She was delighted and I was delighted by her. & also Joe’s cheeky Geordie accent.

My pals had their annual Solstice party (early, obvs) which is always the best ever. This year there was a Freddie Mercury tribute and I drank lots of gin and my best guy and I spent the day after eating Sunday roast and chilling out. It’s always such a good weekend.

I also met my pal Natalie at the Trafford Centre for coffee and a shop which was, as ever, a lovely lovely time and I didn’t buy anything because I am on A Grand Save. Seriously, the amount of money I spend when I absolutely do not need to is ridic. That was Royal Wedding Day, which I didn’t watch because I’d had the plans with Natalie for WEEKS but we did watch the highlights in the evening. I have so much love for The Royal Family. So much. The Sunday of that weekend we headed up to my boss’s house for a BBQ which was also lovely and MBG drank all the peroni which was fabulous because he’s my favourite drunk.

Then we had another bank holiday, which was also sunny. I AM SO HERE FOR ALL THESE SUNNY WEEKENDS GUYS. That was another one that was full of my faves – breakfast dates and shopping and walking; Thai food and road trips and ice cream and my best friend’s sofa when we got milkshake delivered to the house. Perfect.

It’s been a hell of a month, and I’ve pretty much loved every minute. It’s amazing what a difference a little bit of sunshine makes.

May in 3 photos:

Teaspoon’s first afternoon tea. She was a massive fan of scones and tuna sandwiches. I was a massive fan of her.

Jane and Joe. Or a poster of Joe. The amount of love this lady has for Joe McElderry is adorable, really.

What do you mean you don't have friends who have a Freddie Mercury tribute act performing at a part in their garden. You need better friends. 
I read:

I AM SO BACK. Look how many books I read compared to the 3 from April. YES.

I listened to:

Still George Ezra and also Paloma Faith and quite a bit of Queen in the run up to the party, oh, and a summer playlist off iTunes. Give me all the cheesy pop songs when the sun is shining please.

I watched:

May was mostly about The Good Place. I hardly watched any tv at all actually, other than that, which is unusual for me because I usually watch an episode of something when I get in from work but I’m working on making more of my not-at-work time so I’ve been trying to focus a little bit more on doing rather than sitting.

And that is May. Who knows what June will hold; I’m not looking forward to it in some ways because yak, hospital appointments, but then also I’m in the Alps right now with a fruity beer (because yak, hospital appointments) so I am focussing on the positives and I am ridic excited for it. I also have a girly spa weekend planned with my gals which will be the nicest of times and besides, June is one step closer to July and I am excited for July.

Bookish plans for June:

I went a little rogue in May so some of these were on my TBR for then also and have just been transferred across WHOOPS. Anyway, in June I want to read at least some of these:

WE SHALL SEE (see how there are 2 Kate Atkinson’s on there. It’s because she has a new book out this year and I am excited.)