Things That I Have Seen and Liked: Cacti!!

It’s that time again, whereby I browse the internet and add a load of things to my virtual shopping basket and pretend I have more disposable income than I actually do. Which, actually, is one of my favourite things to do. Also, I’ve been on holiday for the first part of April and read not as much as I would like due to the high levels of activity that were part and parcel of said holiday and as such this blog has taken a little bit of a backseat. Fret not though as there is LOTS of bookish stuff on the horizon and until then here’s a fun fact about me: I’m a bit of a crazy cactus lady at the moment I won’t lie. I cannot stop buying them. I have cacti on my desk at work and in my house and I’ve bought them as gifts for My Best Guy and I just love their little prickly selves and you know what, the internet is FULL of cactus related goodies that you (I) can fill your (my) house with and here is a list of my faves.

I mean, look at this cactus print dress from ASOS. This dress is so cute. I can totally see myself floating around it in on a Saturday in a beer garden. Yes.

ASOS actually has a reals good line in cacti related stuff.
Like these espadrilles, which I cannot adequately express my love for and which I think my feet so desperately need this summer oh my goodness

I am also rather taken with this ridiculously cute tshirt from Etsy. I mean COME ON.

Also look at this phone case from H&M

The only thing stopping me buying this is that it says iphone 6/7 and I had a 6 and now I have a 7 and I’m pretty sure the camera hole needs to be in a slightly different place on a 7 and I’ll be SO SAD if it comes and doesn’t fit. I need to do more thorough research.

I don’t use a hip flask, I have never used a hip flask. But I might be tempted to fill one with Disaronno if it looked like this

When you have as many pairs of glasses as I do, then you can never have enough glasses cases and this one would look so cute with the llama one I have by the same brand.

How lovely is this photo frame please?

This bookmark is cute (I follow MelvisMakes on Instagram and am SO IN LOVE with her puffin print  I might even order a little puffin bookmark) 


Also just quickly, my fave cacti inspired jewellery:

This necklace is just so delicate and lovely.

and this cuff is excellent.

and I love these studs

and these studs. 

And that is that. I think it is safe to say I have a problem.....