35 Facts About A 35 Year Old

Apparently I’m middle-aged now. So I’ve been told. Which, well it seems like a pretty harsh thing to tell me but I guess that makes it no less true. The truth hurts and all that. Anyhow, let’s celebrate my middle-agedom with a list of things about me that you may or may not be aware of.

Also, here I am in Monaco last summer when I was still youthful. 

1. If I am sleeping alone I still sleep cuddled up to the soft toy I got when I was a baby. I know. I’m adorable. It’s a popple, if you wondered.

2. I love lists. Hence this one.

3.  I hate to drive. I’m also not very good at it. The two things are probably connected.

4. I have a lot of nosebleeds. They happen at any time and for no reason whatsoever. This has been a thing throughout my whole entire life. It’s tiresome. 

5. If I was only allowed to eat one food for the rest of forever, that food would probably be marmite on toast. Preferably made by my Mum but I appreciate that making me toast for all of forever is a massive ask and she has a life so my own toast making skills would suffice.

6. I love the sea. I. LOVE. THE. SEA.

7. My favourite colour is purple.

8. I drink too much coffee.

9. I have one sibling. A brother. He is five years younger and one foot taller than me.

10. I have never broken a bone.

11. I hate lies

12. I used to feel sad that I didn’t have a middle name so if anybody asked I would say it was Mary because I once saw the name Josephine Mary on a gravestone. I was a strange child.

13. I have ‘an unhealthy relationship with food,’ This is a thing I am constantly working on.

14. I love cuddles. Like, seriously, I love to cuddle and be cuddled. I also love holding hands. If you are my person then you will likely be aggravated at some point by my invasion of your personal space. What are boundaries?

15. I used to be afraid of the dark, now I struggle to sleep with the light on.

16. I am left handed.

17. I buy more books than I will ever be able to read or than I will ever have space for. It’s a problem.

18. I hate being too cold.

19. I also hate being too hot.

20. I do not do enough exercise.

21. I have never smoked a cigarette.

22.   I book my birthday off work every year because even if all I do is sit around in my pyjamas all day eating hula hoops, it’s a better celebration than being sat at my desk.

23. I only like broccoli if it’s in a soup with Stilton. Or mashed.

24. I am a fast reader. Not super fast, but fast.

25. I really wish I could speak French. I am determined to learn. Hello Duolingo app!

26. I love to ski.

27. I am not a tidy person. I want to be a tidy person but alas (earwax) I am not.

I am totally and utterly and indescribably terrified of the dentist
29. I have worked for the same company since I was 18. Now I am in charge of it, and whilst I’m proud of that, I feel embarrassed when people ask what I do and mumble something about working in an office
30. I love getting my nails done.
31. I am absolutely a cat person. I will probably end up a crazy cat lady and I’m actually fine about that.
32. I dip my fries in my milkshake.
33. I have been 16% of the way through Anna Karenina for over five years.
34. I say yes more than no because I worry too much about what people think about me.
35. I am not on Facebook.

Happy birthday to me! I am currently eating tartiflette with my best guy which seems to me to be as good a way to celebrate turning 35 as any. Hurrah.  Please, feel free to drink gin and eat cake in my honour- not that you should ever need an excuse to do either of those things.