What's In My Make-Up Bag

 It was a conversation with my bestie actually, a couple of weeks ago, about foundation, that left me thinking about how I often see posts on blogs I follow and on Instagram that are all about beauty products and stuff that people use and how even though I’m not really a make-up kind of girl I always find them really interesting. I really do, I lap it up, all the things that these Beautiful People That I Want to Be When I Grow Up recommend. I’m so here for all of those posts. So. Wouldn’t it be excellent, I thought, if I – a book blogger with no idea about beauty or makeup or fashion or any of that stuff -  did a whole blog post dedicated to the beauty products I use. Wouldn’t that be brill and marv.

You know I’m always going to be a book blog and I’m never going to have a clue what I’m talking about when it comes to make-up because seriously, you have no idea how little knowledge I have about what to use or what to do about it and you do not even want to know what I looked like when  tried to curl my hair the other week and this might well be the most ill-advised and pointless post ever but frankly, I’m not sure I care: I kind of just want to spread a little bit a love for the things that I love. HOLY RUN ON SENTENCE, BATMAN.

I know, I know: you’re totally on tenterhooks.

HERE IT IS GUYS, THE NOT SO SECRET SECRETS TO MY NOT SO MUCH OF A REGIME BEAUTY REGIME. I can really see that catching on as a thing, can’t you?! HA.

So at the moment I use this micellar water from Elemis and I actually thought I had LOST MY MIND when I first bought it because it seemed so expensive but then, like with most things on this list, I thought, well, why not splurge a little – if I don’t use lots of things then I can afford to make the things I do use nice fancy things, am I right? And I do rate this actually, its smells nice and it removes all my makeup and my face always feels nice when I’ve used it. I think it’s worth the price. It’s much nicer than the stuff I’ve used prior. Also do you know that for a really long time I only used facewipes. I know, THE HORROR. Then somebody told me that it’s fine in your twenties but your skin will never forgive you and you’ll look 100 years old at 40 and nobody really wants that.

Actually, as by the by I’m on the hunt for a decent moisturiser; at the moment I use a night cream I bought at Sainsbury’s when I remember to put it on, which is like, 3 nights out of 7 maybe – like I  said, so not good at this stuff – and some kind of Elemis lotion I got as a free sample when I bought the cleanser and it seems to be lasting forever but will eventually run out so you know, if you have any moisturiser tips then hit me up. I need your help. Eye bags, I have them.

And…that might be it. I use a cleanser. HOLD THE FRONT PAGE FOR THIS GROUND-BREAKING NEWS.

What a post this is. You are welcome.

Sadly, my make up bag is in just as sorry a state because honestly, I am the most clueless ever, which is why I am forever with the dark circles: I have zero clue how to hide my tired.

I’ll tell you what I do use though. HANG ONTO YOUR HATS.

I probably use lip products more than anything, so we’ll come to those in a minute and pretend like there’s some kind of building up of anticipation.  

As it happens, which is weird considering what started this whole thing, I don’t use a foundation, I just use a BB cream from The Bodyshop and actually I don’t even use that on the Monday-Friday, just if I’m going somewhere where I feel like I need to make an extra effort!!!! Oh god, this is shameful. Anyhow. It’s this one. Please don't ask me what shade it is; I have no clue.

On my eyes, I just got this palette from Bobbi Brown. It’s funny because I had a nice little set of eyeshadow that I actually just got from Next (which is really good eyeshadow as it happens) and I was going to treat myself to a basic naked palette from Urban Decay for my birthday at the end of April because I got some of their eyeshadow for my 21st ALL THOSE YEARS AGO and I loved it and those naked pallettes are lush, but then a couple of weeks ago Bobbi Brown were all DISCOUNT COOOOOOOODE and because I already know I love their lip stuff and the colours in this were nice I added to cart and so here we are. It’s new, but so far I really like it. Although I probably won’t use use all of the colours because I’m not very brave and what do you even do with navy blue and black eyeshadow anyway?

I don’t use an eyeliner. Eyeliner and I are never going to be friends. See above re bravery and cluelessness. I was using a Bare Minerals mascara but now I don’t mind telling you that I ordered the March Birchbox just because it came with a Benefit mascara and I needed a new mascara and it seemed like a bargain. I’m so cool. (I like the Birchbox actually, it's full of fun goodies and the box is really pretty also.)


I definitely have more lip stuff than anything else, I feel like I can actually give tips here. Like this one: if you’re planning to splurge on something for your lips then I can defo recommend the Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tints because they are amazing. I have the bare pink which I wear every day for work etc, and then I now also have the bare melon which I’ll mostly wear when I want something a little different or I’m going out or whatever I think. They’re fab because they don’t look like much but they kind of enhance your own actual lips and they’re subtle which I love and they feel so nice and the colour, which is basically just your own lip colour but more lasts for ages. Also they are so easy to apply; they’re just like a lip balm, so you don’t need a mirror and you can’t really mess it up. Trust me, even I find applying this stuff easy. I LOVE THEM. I am on my second of the bare pink because it is my most fave beauty thing ever although because it is so lip-balmy it can go a little bit soft so be careful keeping it in your bag on a super hot day for sure,  and the one I have now has got a little bit if a chip in it from when it went a bit soft one time.
The bare melon is new because I saw it and thought it looked super orange and scary (which I actually maintain it does before you put it on) but then I saw Elle @ Feathering The Empty Nest  wear it on Instagram and it looked amazing on her so I bought it for no other reason. I have no regrets. It’s actually really nice.

I also have a Bare Minerals Lipgloss which I wear when I want to be more. It’s this one and I have it in Rebel. It makes your lips tingly which is....well it's a thing, and it's really shiny and lovely and not too sticky. Again, onto my second one of these. 

I also use a  Maybelline lipstick.  I have it in Rosewood Pearl which is a kind of nude colour. I love that lipstick colour actually, really love it.

And that, is that. That’s a good five minutes of your life that you will never get back.