Quick February Wrap Up

For a short month I don’t mind telling you that February has felt kind of long.

 I’m glad to see the back of it; as months of this year go, I think, that for one reason or another, it’s not going to wind up in my top ten of the year. Things have happened in February that have not been the best, such as having to cancel a trip to London to see The Cursed Child and getting some news that is absolutely not the news I wanted to get. Still, not every month can be the best month ever can it, and perhaps getting the bad month out of the way at the start of the year leaves it wide open for the rest of it to be smashing and wow, but I sound like I am so down on poor old February  and this is not the kind of blog post that anybody wants to read is it. Yikes.

Let’s move on from my grumps and chat about what February looked like round these parts. 

What Have I Been Doing?

It was pretty chilled, adventure wise, in February although there was quite a lot of planning which was fun times. Spa weekends and minibreaks a go go, hopefully.
I was supposed to be in London at the start of the month to do Harry Potter Stuffs and wow if I’d gone this wrap up would be so very different. But I didn’t. Instead I went to my friend’s bar and drank ALL THE GIN. It was a nice time, just not you know, the nicest time in London with my BFF and our Mothers.

I saw Helen’s Mum in a play, which was excellent and my best guy and I snuck away for a night in a hotel which was the best. I got my hair done, which was way overdue and I gung out with my bestie and my little teaspoon who said ‘love you Jo’ for the very first time. I was teary-eyed. I had Sunday lunch with some friends and spent lots of time with my best guy and we have, as ever, eaten too much pad thai. & it snowed. The last couple of days in February were the snowiest - I did SO MUCH walking, and we made a sledge at work from a bin lid and polythene bags and spent lunchtimes flying down the hill like we were schoolkids and and not grown up professionals and it was marv. 

February in 3 photos:

Look at this sunset though. I snapped this walking home from work one evening because trees and sunsets make me happy. I did so much walking in February and almost doubled my daily step average from what it was in January. Go me. Here's to a 10k per day average in March. We'll see!

Gin, though. This was taken in a pub in Haworth which is one of our fave places to go and eat. They do this Yorkshire burrito which is amazing, like a Sunday roast wrapped in a Yorkshire Pud, and also halloumi fries and usually a pretty good soup. YUM. Anyhow, they also have a wide range of gins and this is one of them and the whole 'Spirits of Bronte' and 'Yorkshire lass' theme made me super happy, for sure. I might technically be a Lancashire girl but my Dad's a Yorkshire man and I live so close to Haworth I feel like in a past life the Bronte sisters and I might have been pals...

It snowed. At the back end of February it snowed SO MUCH. I loved it, for the most part. I could get to most placed I wanted to go to on foot so I wasn't massively inconvenienced and I have pretty good winter gear. Also, sledging. Who doesn't love sledging?

I read:

6 books. Same as January. I am so consistent. (clicking on the pictures should take you straight to my reviews, FYI. Am html genius type)

I listened to:

Elton John has become my go ‘getting ready’ music. I'm Still Standing has long been my theme tune and I love turning it up loud and dancing around my bedroom. 

This is in my car at the moment. I love Robbie the most when he is doing a bit of swing.

Since my bestie loves Lee Mead more than she loves some people and we have tickets for this tour, I've done a little bit of listening to his new album. I enjoy it when he sings Leave Right Now but I have to skip Hushabye Mountain because of reasons. 

I talked about being excited about the new Justin Timberlake album in my January wrap-up. I've listened to it a few times now and I love

Still not over these guys. I love this album so hard.

I watched:

I’m still going with Breaking Bad. I KNOW. I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I’ve also rediscovered my love for Arrow (thanks Amazon Prime)

and have started a rewatch of Brothers and Sisters because I needed some comfort watching. This show was so good when it was on, and I would love to be a Walker as much as I'd love to be a Gilmore. It's just nice watching that makes me feel safe and warm. I love it. 

Homeland is back on Netflix which is excellent because I missed the last two episodes of the last season, so I can catch up on that now– it’s good timing actually as the new series has just started on Channel 4. & as ever my best guy and I are a fan of Sunday evenings on BBC2: Dragons Den or Top Gear. And I watched the Winter Olympics, obvs, when I could.

Come on March, I’m ready for you.