Book Haul: March 2018

Oooh, I haven’t done a book haul for AGES. But I also haven’t done much reading so instead of talking about what I have read I figured I may as well talk about all the books I’ve bought to add to the piles of books I haven’t read. Ha. Also I like a list.

What's In My Make-Up Bag

 It was a conversation with my bestie actually, a couple of weeks ago, about foundation, that left me thinking about how I often see posts on blogs I follow and on Instagram that are all about beauty products and stuff that people use and how even though I’m not really a make-up kind of girl I always find them really interesting. I really do, I lap it up, all the things that these Beautiful People That I Want to Be When I Grow Up recommend. I’m so here for all of those posts. So. Wouldn’t it be excellent, I thought, if I – a book blogger with no idea about beauty or makeup or fashion or any of that stuff -  did a whole blog post dedicated to the beauty products I use. Wouldn’t that be brill and marv.

My Spring TBR

There’s this feature hosted over at The Artsy Reader Girl called Top Ten Tuesday where by a prompt is posted every Tuesday to blog about and I think it’s excellent and I take part in it VERY SPORADICALLY (because actually I’m a little bit rubbish). Anyhow, the prompt this week is Top Ten Books on My Spring TBR and I thought YES, I have a spring TBR and I am in need of blog inspiration and I’M GETTING INVOLVED.

I don’t have a particular reading mojo for the spring (I don’t have a reading mojo at all right now HELP ME), it’s not like winter, or summer when there are books I yearn to re-read or genres I feel weirdly drawn to, but I do, as it happens have a small list of books that I would like to read before my birthday at the end of April and this is that list.

Things That I Have Seen and Liked (Bookish Edition)

I am totally in a reading slump guys and it sucks. Mostly it’s because I am currently a little bit stressed which means my concentration is shot to pieces so I’m pretty much just collapsing onto my sofa and watching stuff on tv that I don’t have to think about, like Brothers and Sisters which I think I’ve watched 5 times through already. I don’t even care that I practically know it off by heart – I just love those Walkers so hard.
Anyhow, a reading slump is what I am in and I hate it. I hate not being in the right headspace to pick up a book because reading is my thing and I’m just reals sad about the whole situation. It’s also bugging me because I have done such good blogging this year and that’s tapered off because reading slump and so basically I’m lining up a few posts that don’t actually need me to read anything because I NEED TO KEEP THIS THING MOVING. So you know, there might be a couple of posts that are less bookish and more life-ish  (#notaword) – also please keep your fingers crossed that this is just a temporary glitch because I think my TBR might kill me otherwise. Gulp.

Review: The Smiling Man


You may remember, if you’ve been hanging round these parts a while, that I read the debut novel, Sirens,by Joseph Knox last year and I loved it so I have been ridiculously excited to get stuck into the second in his Aiden Waits series, The Smiling Man.

Excited, and a little nervous; you know how it is, that hint of trepidation when you read something by somebody new and you love it and you’re a little scared in case what if the next thing they write *gasp* just isn’t as good. Although, I kind of knew it would be, it was kind of obvious from reading Sirens that it wasn’t some kind of fluke because people don’t write like that by accident you know, it’s a talent, but still, there’s still the teeny little niggle of fear because what if.


Quick February Wrap Up

For a short month I don’t mind telling you that February has felt kind of long.

Quickfire Reviews

Quickfire Reviews is a thing I do very sporadically when there are books to talk about that I should have reviewed but haven’t. Sometimes I didn’t like these books enough to want to review them; sometimes I loved them but time got away from me; and sometimes, less is just more. Also it’s something a bit different which is what I am all about this year – being more than just review after review.

So here we have it, grab a KitKat and settle down.