Things That I Have Seen and Liked: Glasses

I’ve been a glasses wearer since I was at school. I never liked it much – glasses helped me to see, but other than that they were an inconvenience: they got wet when it rained and steamed up went from outside to in and because I didn’t have prescription sunnies for years, I had the annoying thing where where I either had to squint in the sun or be the dick wearing sunglasses in the house or carry around spare specs. I was never a fan.

I got contact lenses a few years ago and MY LIFE CHANGED. I could wear sunglasses. I could wear ski goggles (I COULD WEAR SKI GOGGLES!)I could get dressed to go out somewhere and feel good about myself in a way I never really did in my glasses. I never ever felt sexy in my glasses. Ever.

& then last year I had The Bad Eye Time. Ulcerative acanthamoeba keratitis aka the worst thing I have ever suffered in my life. I have never known pain and misery like it. & you know, when you nearly lose your eye and you learn it’s probably partly to do with contact lenses and you feel like you’ve been given a second chance you feel kind of wary about putting contact lenses in your eyes again.

I changed the lenses I use after that. I use premium lenses now which cost me 3x what my old ones used to cost but it’s a price I’m willing to pay, and to be honest I rarely wear them these days -on summer holidays because of the whole faff of prescription sunnies and on ski holidays because of the whole faff of ski goggles and glasses but other than that, I stick to my glasses.

But it still bothered me.

Because I don’t much like myself in glasses.

I don’t much like glasses.

OR rather I didn’t. Until I realised I could buy pretty funky frames for not too much money; that I could wear my glasses as an accessory not a necessity; that I didn’t have to have just two pairs, I could have ALL THE PAIRS and I could make them a part of who I am, like I do with my shoes. I ordered 2 pairs in quick succession; I ordered another couple of pairs last weekend (it was payday and I don’t need to eat, do I?) and there are lots of pairs that I am lusting after because glasses are my new obsession and I want to share those with you now because THEY’RE SO PRETTY. Also glasses and books? MADE FOR THE ‘GRAM, BABY.

Also, you know a surprising thing? My fave pair are a pair I bought on the off chance because they were on offer. Tortoiseshell ones that I didn’t actually think would suit me. My main squeeze aka my best guy calls them my Rashids which is a nod to Deirdre off of Corrie and why do I find him so endearing, but you know what, I love them.

So here are the ones I have.

(^^The Rashids)

And the ones I want.  

(^^I am so in love with those though, you don't even know)

How many pairs of glasses is too many pairs of glasses?