Quick January Wrap-Up

Let’s wrap up January shall we? Why not.

Do you want to know a secret? I don’t like January. I really don’t. It’s just such a month, you know? It’s cold and dark and miserable and nobody has any money and Christmas is past and spring is forever away and I just…it’s probably my worst of all months actually and I a v glad it is over. That said, my little best pal was born in January, just. She was 8 yesterday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOOBY – so it’s not all bad. Just most of it. Hush.

Although actually this January I feel I am justified saying it isn’t the best because EVERYBODY IS SICK. My BFF’s little girl has the chicken pox and my BFF herself is laid up with the horrendous fluey/chest infection-y virus that’s doing the rounds at the moment, which my Mum is only just getting over, and my number 2 at work is off with cellulitis and my best guy is also not in perfect health. I am covering myself in antibac and debating stopping indoors til the summer. Seriously though, this month is the month of bad health and I only hope February brings with it speedy recoveries.

Anyway, enough of my January blues because let us be real here: it could have been worse. Let me tell you what it looked like.

I read:


All of which ,by some miracle, I have reviewed. You can click on each picture to read my thoughts, should you be that way inclined. Or at least I hope you can. I really wish I was better at this stuff. If it works then I shall be so proud; html scares me. 

 I will talking about this next week as part of the blog tour so keep an eye out for that. 

I also finished Sarah Pinborough’s Cross Her Heart on Tuesday SO GOOD. My review is a-coming although it’s got a May release date so I’m wondering if I should wait a little while and chat about it properly nearer the time…

6 books; that's not a bad start to the year I don't think. I'm pleased.

I listened to:

Sheridan Smith’s album which I got for Christmas and the Leading Ladies album which I got my Mum for Christmas (thanks for the MP3 version as well as the CD, Amazon!) and also Radio Two. I am especially a fan of Zoe Ball and Graham Norton. Also I really want Justin Timberlake’s album please: I still love him so much.

I watched:

Breaking Bad, finally. I know, I know, what have I even been doing with my life. 

Also! THERE IS NEW WILL AND GRACE SOMEBODY HOLD ME and also new My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Amazing.

What have I been doing?


I started the New Year finishing off a ski holiday. We left the Alps early on January 1st and drove through the mountains to Germany where we spent the afternoon/evening in Heidelberg. I loved it. We found a cute little bar and sat in it and I drank shandy made with coke instead of lemonade SO AMAZING and we did people watching and chatting and laughing. Such a good first day of 2018. We’ve also taken a brief road trip to London and had a random night out in Twickenham which was tipsy and excellent until we woke in the morning to realise our hotel had no water. The horror.

We went to the velodrome in Manchester to watch the cycling national track championship which was an excellent day out and I’ve also managed to fit in plenty of time with my faves: I’ve watched television and chatted with my bestie, I’ve cuddled up under a blanket on the floor with my littlest Goddaughter and had my lunch made for me by the birthday girl of yesterday. I’ve visited my friend’s new bar and drunk too much gin and I have, as with every single month, eaten my body weight in Thai food. Always with the Thai food.

It’s not been that bad, for the worst month of the year. It’s had it’s downs and there are things about January that I would like to stick two fingers up at  but LET US NOT DWELL ON THOSE.

On the whole, and all ill health ignored, it’s been a good start to 2018, long may it continue.