2018 releases I want to read - Part 1

Wow but I didn’t realise how many books due for publication this year were already on my radar until I started this post; I tend to just make notes – on my phone, on my computer etc – and it’s only when I came to actually look at it that I realised that actually there’s quite a lot that I’m excited about.

I bet these aren't even a tiny percentage of  Excellent Books Coming Soon because I never claim to be one of those that is In The Know, these are just the few that have happened to dance across my field of vision. It's a fun thing to blog about though, partly because NEW BOOKS and partly because it will make for another fun post at the end of the year when I come back and see how many I managed to read.  Or at least I’m hoping it’s a fun thing to blog about - it's fun for me at least, and that's a good enough starting point I think!

Besides, the other alternative right now is me waxing lyrical about my ski holiday and falling snow and Christmas lights and ski lift cuddles and ain’t nobody here who cares about that. SO GRAB SOME TEA AND CAKE AND GET COMFORTABLE. & I’m sorry about the capslock. That’s a habit I really need to break.

Anyhow. I’ll talk about the first ten on my list now and then I’ll come back and talk about some more another day, because it’s much more exciting that way ( and also more manageable because I am intimidated by massive big long posts even when they are of my own making).

The Exact Opposite of Okay by Laura Steven is out in March. It’s a YA novel and if you hang out on Twitter at all you’ve probably heard of it. It promises to tackle the problem of internet trolls and slut-shaming in a way that will make you laugh as much as it shocks you with its relevance. I’ve been hearing all the good things and I’m really excited about it. YAY for all the YA feminist stories.

Last year I got very excited about Joseph Knox’s debut Sirens, here in this post and now he’s back with a new novel featuring the same disgraced detective Aiden Watts, The Smiling Man and I am counting down the days. Sirens was an impressive and arresting debut and from the moment I finished it I was excited to see what Knox did next. Now I don’t have to wait, or not for much longer anyway; The Smiling Man is also out in March.

Far from the Tree by Robin Benway is out in February in the UK and won the US National Book Award for Young People last year. It’s a YA novel about family – about how giving up her own baby for adoption sends 16 year old Grace on the hunt for her own biological family. I feel like it will give me all the feels.

Folk by Zoe Gilbert is published in February and has the lushest cover don’t you think. I love it. It sounds AMAZING and I am positively giddy with excitement. A folk tale about an island community with inhabitants such as a sleepwalking girl and a boy with a wing for an arm it sounds incredible.

The Gloaming is new from Kirsty Logan who is a stunningly beautiful writer. It’s out in April I think. It’s described as the gap between fairytales and real life and an island where everybody’s story ends the same way – with them turned to stone on the cliff. I am counting down the days.

The Elizas by Sara Shepard, also April, and the first adult novel from the creator of Pretty Little Liars. A double narrative of lies and false memories and might just fill the PLL shaped hole the end of the television series left in my life. I never read the PLL books, so I’m interested in Shepard’s writing…

Holly Bourne has her first book for grown-ups out this year, (in the summer, I think June?) and already the hype is THE LOUDEST. Seriously, this book is EVERYWHERE I look right now and I am total getting caught up in it. It’s high on my TBR pile for that very reason – I want to know if it’s as good as everybody is saying it is. The blurb makes me think it might be, actually – a young woman on the brink if turning 30 who’s life doesn’t look like she expected it to. OH HELLO IS THIS A BOOK ABOUT ME.

Stories We Tell Ourselves by Sarah Francoise is set in the French Alps which well HELLO OBVS I AM HERE FOR THAT and its set at Christmas HELLO OBVS I AM HERE FOR THAT and looks like some kind of family epic – a marriage in trouble and three children who aren’t faring much better. It sounds lovely and I’m rather mad at myself for not finding time to read it when I was in the Alps at Christmas. The best laid plans and all that.

The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin is out at the start of February and is set in 1831 London when the poor are disappearing from the streets and tells the story of a young woman desperate to escape the slums and better herself.

Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne is a Jane Eyre retelling set in space. YES. It’s out in May.

They all sound so good though don't they? I want them all now; patience was never my virtue and isn't that a thing that will always be a problem. 

Tell me - will you read any of these? What is on your radar this year?