2017 Best Reads

Let’s talk very quickly about all the books I gave 5 stars to in 2017 because YES and also because if you discount Handmaid’s which was a re-re-re-re-read, there were 10 of them which is a nice number for a round-up and also points to A Good Reading Year.

I’m going to keep this post pocket sized but shall also link back to where I’ve chatted about them previously so that I am not repeating myself. Mostly all you need to know is that THESE BOOKS ARE EXCELLENT.

In which I love bookish snail mail

Best thing since ever, am I right? I am, I’m totally right. Not always or about everything, but absolutely about this.

I mean most of my snail mail is dullsville, bills and other such adult stuff about which I care not a jot but which I have to deal with because I am trying my hardest to do successful adulting.

Trying my hardest but not always succeeding.

‘My head hurts. I need ibupforen and hugs,’ I wailed at my Dad recently, ‘I am not ready to self-parent,’ and because most post is telling me about money that will be leaving my bank account and thus making me sad, it feels nice when those little boxes rock up. I mean I know that money has had to leave my bank account in order for me to get said boxes, but whatever: I feel much better about spending my hard earned cash on bookish goodies than on gas and electric and council tax. It’s just the way it is.

Book Review: Manhattan Beach

Oh my goodness but this book. Which, is that how I start a lot of blog posts lately? I feel like it is. I make no apology; I’m reading some good stuff. This book is Some Good Stuff.