Autumn Wrap Up

But how is it November already. That means it’s almost Christmas, right? Not that I am going to get excited just yet. I mean, I love Christmas, I absolutely totally do, but I love it in the way that means I want to concentrate that love into a small time frame so that I can love it really intensely whilst it lasts and then tuck it away for another year knowing I’ll love it just as hard when it comes around again which means I don’t ‘do’ Christmas until December 1st. I won’t even eat a mince pie, which is pretty hard going actually because holy moly I love mince pies. The only exception I make to this rule I think is the festive coffees. Give me all the gingerbread lattes please. Today I had a spiced cookie latte from McDonalds (Maccies is the only coffee place open before I go to work and actually it’s not that bad), the cup had little foxes on it and I was beyond delighted.

Anyhow. This is not a post about Christmas. It’s a little bit of a post about oh wow how is it November and mostly an autumnal catch up, so make yourself comfortable my loves and let me talk at you about what my life has looked like lately.

I read:

I loved this so much. I’m part of the blog tour and will be chatting about it tomorrow so don’t want to say much about it now, but I loved it.

This was cute. It’s about a girl (Juniper Lemon) who was in a car accident that killed her older sister, which is very sad times. Every day Juniper fills in an index card detailing things she has to be happy for that day; it’s the one thing that’s been holding her together since her sister died. It all starts to fall apart though when one of those cards goes missing and she finds a letter her sister wrote before she died to someone only referred to as You. So begins the hunt – for You, for the missing card, for Juniper’s closure. I liked it. It was a good representation of grief and loss which I think is such a delicate and difficult thing to write about; it had a good representation of friendship; it was a not too tropey representation of high school. I liked it but I had issues with the ending mostly because I got a little bit invested and then was a little bit like ‘wait, what, where’s the rest of the book…?’

 One of those books that was everywhere for a while and that I mostly read because I had FOMO. So much bookish FOMO all of the time though you don’t even know. I blame bookstagram for this because all the people talk about all the books and I make all the grabby hands. Also, the very premise ticked all my boxes because YES TO TURNING THE PATRIACHY ON ITS HEAD. 
I really really liked it also, really liked it. It’s a multi narrative story, strand upon strand that’s all woven together as it goes which I love as a rule, although it did become a little much here. There was a lot going on and sometimes I thought it would have benefited for being a little less, partly because some things happened too fast for me to really grasp them as tightly as I’d maybe have liked to and I felt they needed more development and partly because there were certain stories I wanted more time with. That said, at times this book made me want to air-punch in delight; this whole section were women used as sex slaves passed on The Power and used it to overthrow the men holding them was just, well it was powerful ok.  I feel iffy about the second half, and I feel iffy about how it all came together in the end, but it certainly made me think.

YES GIVE ME ALL THE JOHN GREEN EVER PLEASE AND IS THIS MY FAVE OF HIS MAYBE. Turtles if you live under a rock and don’t know is John Green’s latest novel. It’s about a girl called Aza, her best friend, the guy she likes and the search for that guy’s Dad but it’s also a book about mental health and how it’s actually totally fine to not be totally fine. You know what, I am so not John Green’s target audience and I so don’t give a damn. I think he’s excellent. I think his writing is important and I think his writing is good enough to carry that importance and this book was totally worth the wait. There need to be more books like this out there, there really do. This book will do for mental health what TFiOS did for terminal illness and I don’t just mean make you cry a sea of tears. It’s classic John Green: it’s real and honest and unapologetic and it is everything I love about YA fiction. It hurts to read about a sad girl who starts the story sad and ends the story sad in the same way that it hurt to read about Hazel Grace and Gus, but it hurts because it’s real amd at the ame time it carries a sense of hope because sure Aza’s sad, but she’s also Aza and that is quite a remarkable thing. Also, the ending. THIS IS HOW TO END A BOOK GUYS. TAKE NOTE. Also, I just love this book.

The second book in the Half Bad trilogy. I liked it. It’s not the best series this, but I’m shipping Nathan and Gabriel like a pro (GO AWAY ANNALISE) and I’m curious to see how the whole thing ends. Also, I love the witchiness of it all, and the whole thing with Nathan and his Dad got to me.

I watched:


I am such a binge watcher though and I have pretty much watched the first 6 series of this in NO TIME AT ALL. I like it. I mean, let’s not lie about it: it’s a little bit samey and it definitely follows a formula and Mike Ross DOES MY HEAD IN, but it’s totally worth it for Jessica and Donna and LOUIS LITT. Louis Litt is such a fascinating character.  I would watch a show all about him, really.

Strictly except don’t ask me who I’m backing because I don’t know. Yet. Except Kevin, but I always love Kevin so hard.

Doctor Foster SUCH BAD PARENTING THO, is my overriding feeling about this show, all the time and you kind of sympathise with Gemma in the first series but by the end of the first episode of the second you kind of feel like her and Simon deserve each other and you just want to take Tom away from it all. Gripping tv though.

Trust Me which was this thing on the BBC about a nurse who is totally disillusioned with the NHS and so she moves to Edinburgh and pretends to be a Doctor in an A&E department. It starred the new Doctor Who and it was so tense. Like actually there were so many times when I actually couldn’t watch.

Outlander because it’s back and Jamie Fraser in a kilt. Although #spoileralert there’s been less kilt this series so far than I would like.

The Mountain Between us which is Idris Elba and Kate Winslet stranded on a mountain and the cinematography is lush and it’s Idris and Kate but it’s also so very long man. I saw this at the cinema with my pal Nat. We ate pick’n’mix and wondered where Idris had gotten those snow boots from.

I also:

Had dinner with my bestie and our Mothers which always ranks pretty highly on my list of Things I Like To Do. We drank pink fizz and chatted and I was reminded once again that I am super lucky that my Mum is also my friend and also the friend of my friends. It gives me all the warm fuzzies.

Met my pal Natalie for lunch and a movie (see above) – there was a small amount of shopping, and lunch was Starbucks, and we had a rather lovely catch up and planned our trip to York in December and talked about kittens and Outlander and it was a nice time. I like Natalie a lot and I’m sad that we have to travel over an hour just to be able to meet in the middle someplace.

Went to Chill Factore a couple of times. My Best Guy and I had a couple of Fridays off work so we chucked our skis in the back of his car and drove to Manchester and pretended we were in the Alps. This is always excellent because he is an actual rea life ski instructor so my skiing comes on leaps and bounds whenever we play out. He played on the moguls and did some snowboarding and I practised my carving and then we had pub lunch and it was so much better than being in the office.

Went to a party in a barn. For real. IT was an excellent time. It began at a friend’s house with gin and a fire pit and mini cocktail sausages (yum) and then we walked approx. a mile slightly tipsy with gin glasses in hand up a dark country road to a massive barn where there was a bar and pie and peas and a band. It was the lovliest of times and because it started at 4 we were home and watching Strictly by 10. ROCK AND ROLL BABY

Saw Joseph in Manchester, which was amazing. I mean Joseph owns my heart anyway because it was the first professional stage show I saw, when I was about 7, but it was extra special this time because I went with my little best pal who is the age now that I was when I first saw it and so I got to share it all with her which was all kinds of amazing. The week after I hung out with her again and we carved pumpkins and went for a long walk and danced and laughed and drank hot chocolate and it was amazing. Being an Auntie is the best and I love all my girls so so much.

And that, in a nutshell is my autumn. I loved it.