Books I am looking forward to for the rest of this year...

...even though my TBR is already the size of Everest and my bookshelves are full. A list by me.

Basically guys, I am in a reading slump and it’s making me sad. Seriously, up until yesterday I think I’d read about ten pages in as many days and I hate when this happens to me and I have decided to try and get myself out of it by making a list, thanks to the notes on my phone, of the books I am excited about for the latter part of this year. Also because this list is generated from said phone notes me of which are months old, a couple of these books are OUT NOW GO GET THEM.

Review: The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night


I’ve been pondering over this review for a while now, partly because I excel at procrastination and partly because never has a review ever felt so important. I want to do this book justice, and I want to review it in a way that makes it clear that what I love most about this book is the quality of the writing and not the person that wrote it.

Make your selves comfortable my lovelies. This could go on a while.

Things to Read if You Liked The Handmaid's Tale.

So a week or so ago I chatted about the recent tv adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale and how I felt about it and that got me thinking about what an excellent book that is which then got me to thinking about other excellent dystopian books there are out there because I love me a good dystopia and so then I decided to make a list because I also love me a good list.  Wow, holy run on sentence Batman.

Anyhow. Here is that list. (Also, disclaimer: this is not me in any way pretending to have any intellectual or literary-wise opinions here. I just really liked these books.)

Dystopian Novels you should read if you liked The Handmaids Tale (in no particular order).

Blog Tour: Death in the Stars

So today I am super excited to be taking part in the blog tour for Frances Brody’s new Kate Shackleton mystery, Death in the Stars. (Thank-you Little,Brown for asking me to take part and for the copy of the book) LET US TALK ABOUT IT.