Book Review: Franklin's Flying Bookshop

Franklin's Flying Bookshop

Franklin's Flying Bookshop

Let us not pretend here guys, that picture books are the type of book I review often on this blog.

They’re not.

Let us not also pretend though, that I don’t read them.

I do. I totally read them. I love a good picture book.

I don’t even have children. In fact you know what, screw that statement and the very assumption that picture books are just for children because I totally disagree with that sentiment.
Picture books are for everybody, aren’t they? They’re works of art more often than not, with their lush illustrations and there’s something about the words in them (often words that rhyme which hello intro to poetry or that are totally bonkers or totally gorgeous) that often carry more than just a story that you can’t help but be enamoured by.
I’ve got a lot of children in my life and discovering books with them when they’re tiny is of of my fave things ever, but, do I enjoy looking at a gorgeous gorgeous picture book all by myself, away from sticky fingers?

Hell yes I do.

Do I have a modest collection of them in my own childfree home? Yes I do.

All that considered,  it made sense that when Jen said casually, what feels like forever ago ‘hey Jo, guess what I totes wrote a picture book about a book-loving dragon and it’s going to be a thing’ (I paraphrase, obvs) I was going to be delirious with excitement.

My copy of Franklin’s Flying Bookshop, in all its hardbacked foiled glory landed on my doormat last month and I was RIDIC delighted (if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories then this will not be news to you) because frankly, Franklin was all I’d dreamed he’d be. A bookish dragon people, a BOOKISH DRAGON.

And sure yeah ok, maybe you might call me bias because Jen is my friend. Go right ahead and do that. I’m not going to lie and pretend that some of my excitement about this little book of delight doesn’t stem from the fact that I love her and I am beyond proud of her but here’s the thing: I’m a big girl and I know how to leave my bias at the door and I love this book because I love this book regardless of who or what Jen is to me.

If you love dragons (I do) and you love books (erm hello) and you love red-haired little girls (hi Emily and Jenna I love you) then you will love. this. book.

‘But what is it about Jo?’ I hear you whisper as you pull on your boots (you can wear boots now because it’s v autumnal) and head to the nearest bookshop.

I’ll tell you.

Franklin is a dragon. He’s a dragon who loves books and he reals badly wants to share his love of books with ALL THE PEOPLE but ALL THE PEOPLE are scared of Franklin because: well, because DRAGON. It’s all v sad. But then he meets Luna, the little red-haired girl who is as fierce as all little girls should be and who loves books and also loves Franklin. They set up a bookshop on Franklin’s back and set about spreading the love of books (both of them) and the love of Franklin (Luna) far and wide. It’s a story about dragons and books and it’s a story about friendship and acceptance and about not judging based on appearances and pre-conceptions. The text is vivid and gorgeous and Katie Harnett’s illustrations are the best and I just liked it okay, I really really really x infinity liked it.

ALSO AND ISN’T THIS FORTUITOUS, it's released today because this blog post is the most well timed EVER so you know, make good choices today and go buy a copy. Jen and Katie are doing lots of events also, which sound like they’re going to be marv so if you like a good bookish event you’d do worse than checking one out. I believe there will be props.