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Book Review: Franklin's Flying Bookshop

Let us not pretend here guys, that picture books are the type of book I review often on this blog.
They’re not.
Let us not also pretend though, that I don’t read them.
I do. I totally read them. I love a good picture book.
I don’t even have children. In fact you know what, screw that statement and the very assumption that picture books are just for children because I totally disagree with that sentiment. Picture books are for everybody, aren’t they? They’re works of art more often than not, with their lush illustrations and there’s something about the words in them (often words that rhyme which hello intro to poetry or that are totally bonkers or totally gorgeous) that often carry more than just a story that you can’t help but be enamoured by. I’ve got a lot of children in my life and discovering books with them when they’re tiny is of of my fave things ever, but, do I enjoy looking at a gorgeous gorgeous picture book all by myself, away from sticky fingers?

Hell yes I do.
Do I …

Quick August Wrap-Up

September already though.
Holy and also Moly, goodness and also gracious. LET’S DO A WRAP UP. Let’s do a wrap up, mostly because August was a fun fun month and I had a nice nice time and I want to get that written down for posterity so that in one hundred years where some future person from the future stumbles across this blog they can say ‘wow she had a really nice time in August 2017.’ That and the fact that when I have lots of talking to do it makes sense to put it all in one post. Lazy blogging is lazy but whatever.

So, what did I read?
A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Shwab which I loved. It’s the first in a series and it’s fits right in with the kind of books I seem to be loving right now. It’s about this guy called Kell (who I might be in love with a little bit) who is one of the last magicians alive with the ability to move from London to London to London because there isn’t just 1 London. There’s 4. (I know, right) – he’s like an Ambassador between Red, White and Grey London (…