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Quickfire Reviews: Beach Edition

It’s time for a little bookish catch up, mostly because I want to talk about the books I read when I was away last weekend because that is what I do when I am placed on a beach for 4 days with nothing to worry about and no place to be: I read. I didn’t read as much as I thought I was going too actually, because it was hot, man. The kind of hot that leaves you unable to do little more than lie with your eyes closed and dip in and out of the sea. What I did read, though, was pretty good, which – well that’s excellent isn’t it, because nobody wants to read something shit on holiday (or ever).
So, quickfire reviews. Here we go.
Moonrise by Sarah Crossan is about a teenager called Joe. Joe hasn’t seen his brother for ten years because his brother is on Death Row or a crime he claims he is innocent of. His execution date has been set.
What I liked: I love Sarah Crossan’s writing style. I’ve said that before. It’s prose poetry (I think?) and I’m not going to sound at all knowledgeable about …

The Mid Year Freakout Tag

So a thing that happened is that I realised that it’s almost August and I hadn’t done any kind of halfway-through-the-year-recap because I am apparently the most tardy ever. So I thought ‘hmm yes best get on that because better late than never, right’ and figured I’d do it now, and then I've seen this post doing the rounds and decided it was a tag I was just going to steal because it’s a fun twist on my usual Top 5 Books Jan-June. So pull up a chair and grab a cup of tea (or a gin if you’re that way inclined which I absolutely am) and let’s chat about the first half of the year in regards to all things bookish. What fun.
THE MID YEAR FREAKOUT TAG (and how I wish I could make the pretty graphics that all the other blogs have but whatever I can’t so let’s just move on).

THE BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR SO FAR Sometimes (99% of the times) I struggle with this and want to just run for the hills because isn’t it just the question you dread?
Jo, what is your favourite book?
Nope no not a cha…