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Daddy, My Daddy

Review: Flight of a Starling

Rita and Lo, sisters and best friends, have spent their lives on the wing – flying through the air in their trapeze act, never staying in one place for long. Behind the greasepaint and the glitter, they know that the true magic is the family they travel with. Until Lo meets a boy. Suddenly, she wants nothing more than to stay still. And as secrets start to tear apart the close-knit circus community, how far will Lo go to keep her feet on the ground?
Oh, but my heart.
I think Lisa Heathfield might be an auto read author for me, just so you know, because I cannot get enough of her writing. I’ve talked about Seed and Paper Butterflies already, but in summary: ouch, beautiful beautiful ouch, and so I was ridiculously excited when the news reached my little bookworm ears that Lisa had written a new book – Flight of a Starling ­– and that it will be published at the end of this month (you'll pre order it now if you know what's good for you). I read it over the weekend, and by read I …

Review: The Names They Gave Us

When it all falls apart, who can you believe in?
Everything is going right for Lucy Hansson, until her mom’s cancer reappears. Just like that, Lucy breaks with all the constants in her life: her do-good boyfriend, her steady faith, even her longtime summer church camp job.
Instead, Lucy lands at a camp for kids who have been through tough times. As a counselor, Lucy is in over her head and longs to be with her parents across the lake. But that’s before she gets to know her coworkers, who are as loving and unafraid as she so desperately wants to be.

It’s not just new friends that Lucy discovers at camp—more than one old secret is revealed along the way. In fact, maybe there’s much more to her family and her faith than Lucy ever realized.

I won’t lie: my expectations weren’t all that high for this book. I read When We Collided recently and was disappointed but The Names They Gave Us, the new book from Emery Lord, resonated with me, in ways I wasn’t quite prepared for. 
It’s about a girl call…

Quick May Wrap-Up

Perhaps I’ll do this every month because why would I not. I mean, with the BEST WILL IN THE WORLD – and let me tell you, my will is good – I never ever get to review all of the books that I want to review and this seems like a nice little way to make sure that the books I don’t manage to spotlight get a mention. And I can talk all about all the other stuff that’s been going on also, because my life is nothing if not fascinating. I mean, I read a lot and I sleep and lot and I drink a lot of coffee and why would you not want to hear all about that?
So, let’s do it. Let’s talk about May.

May was a month, wasn’t it. A month where we were once again reminded that the world is full of shitty awful people and a month where we wanted to hold our loved ones just that little bit closer; that little bit tighter. The terrorist attack in Manchester hit hard. It always hurts, I’m always astounded and disgusted and angered but this one hit that little bit harder; I felt it a little bit more because i…