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Author Visit: Carys Bray Talks Books

This Tuesday is an excellent Tuesday because I’ve got the lovely Carys Bray – author of the shiny new The Museum of You here to chat about all things bookish. Hurrah!
Carys!Thank-you so much for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere; grab a coffee and a jar of Biscoff spread and a spoon and make yourself comfortable.
Before we get started, let’s warm up with a quick fire round.
Ready, steady, GO:
Coffee, tea or…? Coffee Favourite film? Oh, erm – I do like the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I know it’s not strictly a film, but I’ve watched it loads of times! Favourite book? It changes, but at the moment I love A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler. Summer or winter? Summer Favourite Colour? Red Last thing you ate? A Magnum ice cream. Dream holiday destination? Moab, Utah. If you could jump to any point in history, who would you have dinner with? I’d love to have dinner with Carol Shields. I think her novels and short stories are brilliant and …

Review: When We Were Alive

I have been away for a while again haven’t I? I do so hate it when real life stops me from doing blogging. I’m back now though, my mojo sorta returned and to make up for it I have a list of books I’ve read that I want to talk to you about and maybe even a special guest. We’ll talk about that later though, because right now I wanna talk about this:

I went into CJ Fisher’s When We Were Alive not really sure what to expect.
Do I need to mention that Fisher is also on YouTube under the handle Ophelia Dagger? Most people probably already know that already. I didn’t; I’ve seen her videos but hadn’t realised that this was her. I’m not actually sure how relevant it is, actually, because I’m not here to tell you that you ought to read this book because books by YouTubers are super cool. I’m telling you to read this book because YouTube Channel or not, CJ Fisher is A Very Good Writer. I tell you, for a debut, this is seriously good. In fact, that might be unfair. Probably I should just say that …