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Book Review: Flawed

Everyone knows who Cecelia Ahern is, right? I mean even if you haven’t read P.S I Love You (which I haven’t as it happens) then you’ve seen the film (I totes have, hello Gerard Butler you attractive man, you) and more than likely been a little teary-eyed.
It was that, really, that made me want to read Flawed, not so much my being a massive fan of Ahern’s work because well, let’s be honest here I’m kind of not: I’ve only read a couple of her books and a quick look back at my Goodreads account shows a 2 star review, but that I’m always kind of fascinated when somebody steps outside of their comfort zone and Flawed seemed to be as far away from PS I Love You as it can possibly get. It’s YA and it’s dystopia and I know what you’re probably thinking (not another one. That’s what you were thinking, right? Which, fine, because I kind of thought it myself a little bit except I do so love a good dystopia and will probably never say ‘oh I’m so bored of that now’ because MY INTEREST IS ALWAYS SO…