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Review: Salt to the Sea

I already knew I was going to love Salt to the Sea. I also already knew it was going to make me feel all the things. That it was going to hurt. I was right. 

I mean it didn’t hurt as much as Between Shades of Gray - which FYI I am still not over, will likely never be over – but still, it kind of got me right in the chest because Ruta Sepetys has this way of making you feel like you’re actually living the words on the page and the words on the page whilst utterly beautiful do not depict the happiest of times. I mean I won’t lie; I went into this book with an actual sense of dread. At the very best this would be bittersweet; it very likely wouldn’t even be that and yet, I wanted to read it so badly.
Salt to the Sea is set in 1945. The second World War is drawing to a close and thousands upon thousands of refugees are desperately making their way to what they can only hope will be freedom; a second chance; a new start. Our story for the main part is that of a Lithuanian nurse, a Prussian s…

Review: Exposure

I am a fan of Helen Dunmore. I’ll say that first. Her novel The Siege is one of my faves. It’s also one of those novels that broke my actual heart. So, I was obviously super excited to read her latest book, Exposure. I did a small happy dance when I saw it on NetGalley. It’s kind of excellent too, I mean think Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but with less of the oh- so-confusing espionage stuff and the pages of words that made me sleepy and more excellent characterisation and beautiful narrative.
It’s set in 1960’s Cold War London and it’s part thriller, part love story, part character study. It’s got desire and it’s got secrets and it’s got betrayal and it’s such a good read. An ‘I don’t want to put this down’ kind of read actually.
It’s about this guy, Simon, who quite by accident ends up in possession of a file he should never have had and finds himself in prison, accused of selling information to the Soviets. Which, well that’s not A Good Thing, at all. This is the COLD WAR after all. H…

New Things to Read in 2016

Hello pals!
I had wondered about posting today all about snow covered mountains and vin chaud and cold fingers on hipbones and kisses because that’s what my life looks like right now and frankly, it’s marvellous but I decided that really probably nobody will be anywhere near as interested in my snowy adventures as they are in the books I’m waiting for this year. So, let’s talk about that instead. Grab yourself a cuppa because this is a list

2016 books are a coming, some, because it’s already February are even here. There’s probably hundreds (thousands?) but obviously (obviously) I’m not going to list them all, that would be ridic; imma just talk at you a little about the things that are on my radar right now, like, (and I think I talked about it’s general existence last year) Steve Toltz’s Quicksand which is due for paperback release in April. I love a paperback. I love a hardback from a purely aesthetic point of view because pretty, but paperbacks are just so much more manageable ar…