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Review: The Beach Hut

Oh but I’ve been a terrible blogger this month. Terrible. I’m not going to make any excuses because that would be totally pretending people actually give a shit, which you know, it’s just a blog and I’m pretty sure nobody does. I am however going to spend a quick few minutes right now talking at you about a book I read a couple of weeks ago that I totally should have already reviewed and haven’t because I’m terrible. I don’t mean to be terrible, obvs. Sometimes you just need to switch off your brain and watch Pretty Little Liars and rewatch House and do a happy dance over all the Klaine in season 6 of Glee, you know? (always such a sucker for the pretty boys in love.) I’ve been all about the television in July. I blame Netflix really, it’s just too easy to watch episode after episode after episode. I wonder how many collective hours have been lost to binge-watching since Netflix became a thing? It’s a thing both terrible and fabulous.

I haven’t just laid in my bed watching American tv …

Review: The Quality of Silence

Here I am, endlessly annoyed that Goodreads does not have the half star option. 3 or 4 stars? WHICH WAY TO GO?
I absolutely loved Rosamund Lupton’s debut novel Sister, as in could not put it down to even eat, read it in one sitting and promptly shoved it in the faces of everybody I knew. I loved it. I loved it so much that when her second novel Afterwards didn’t measure up I kind of wanted to cry a little bit. I had wanted to love it so very badly, and just didn’t. & what a shame, I thought, if Rosamund was just a one hit wonder. Didn’t stop me though, from doing a happy dance earlier this year when I heard that her third novel was due for publication in the summer. That goes to show I guess just how much I really did enjoy Sister – enough that not even a disappointing second novel could dampen my excitement at the revelation of Something New.
The Quality of Silence was published last Thursday; I started it last week and finished it last night. &, well, I don’t know what to tell…

The Time and Place Book Tag

I absolutely do not want to be at work today. I want to be home, watching Wimbledon. Today is a good day on Centre Court: Venus and Serena, Andy Murray, Roger Federer. Oh but how I wish I was not at work. Le sigh. I am at work though, and as such I shall try to cheer myself up by talking about books.

So. Last week Jen created The Time and Place Book Tag over on her YouTube channel.
You can watch her video and find out what it’s all about here and you should because Jen is awesome. 
If you can’t do that til later, then that’s cool: in a nutshell, the tag is basically what it says – an excuse to talk about ten books that remind you of a time and/or a place. Because that’s totally a thing, right? We all have those books that remind us of this holiday or that break-up, being that age or friends with that person. Books that you only have to hear the title of to be transported back to a whole other time or place, even if that’s not necessarily a good thing. & because Jen tagged me, these …

June Book Haul

Oh, but I do so love doing my book haul posts, books make me so happy all of the time, even though the sheer number of them I actually own terrifies me slightly. Ha. I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching bookshelves this past few weeks lemme tell you!
So, June.
Alice in Zombieland just showed up at work one day at the start of June. I know, right? Random. I have no idea who sent it – usually random bookish parcels arriving at work are from Jen, but not this one. I wondered if it might be a review copy from a publisher, but those usually go to my home address and IT IS A MYSTERY. I was intrigued and a little scared and you know I’m not going to lie – what I have read of this book since has only made me more afraid. Still, the cover’s cute and I’m never one to say no to free books….
The Sin Eater’s Daughter was my treat to myself because…..actually there was no reason. This book keeps popping up on blogs I follow and you know how I always need to know what all the fuss is about an…