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May Book Haul

Aaaaand it’s that time again, where I go into slight panic mode when I think about my latest book haul. Seriously though, what am I going to do because soon I’m going to move house and all of these books will need a place to live and I have no idea where that place might be.

Anyway, let’s not think about that right now (although, keep an eye peeled for my post about book nooks and bookshelves which is going to be glorious) lets just talk about the books and pretend they take up no space at all ok? Ok. May was another fabulously bookish month. The wonderful Jen sent me a package made up of Ice Cream Star, Atwood’s Stone Mattress and Cassandra Parkin’s new novel The Beach Hut which I am super excited about. Book post is my fave, especially when it comes from people like Jen who just know what kind of things I’m going to do a happy dance over. In addition to those three beauties, May also meant: In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware (released at the end of July) because like I keep saying, 2015…

Review: The Gracekeepers

The first Callanish knew of the Circus Excalibur was the striped silk of their sails against the grey sky

When I fall in booklove, which I do a lot, it tends to be in one of two ways. There’s the head over heels, intense can not must not stop reading kind of love, the kind of love that makes me greedy, unable to read the words fast enough, wanting to devour and hungry for moremoremore. The kind of booklove that has me staying up way too late (one more chapter, yeah, whatever) and that leaves me feeling exhausted and bereft. And then there’s the second kind, the kind that makes my chest tight, that makes me want to string it out as long as possible, each and every word feeling precious and important and not to be rushed. The kind of booklove that’s like eating a really good meal, where you cut it into the tiniest bites to make it last longer and let every mouthful dissolve slowly on your tongue. You don’t want it to ever be over, and yet somehows when it is you just feel right.
It’s th…

Holiday Reading Plans

Holy smokes it’s been quiet round these parts has it not?! What’s that about. I blame myself, because it’s my blog and who else is there to even blame? (I also blame The Boy a little bit because it’s hard to blog about books when you’re finding it rather hard to read them. I WANT MY READING MOJO BACK.)
I’m actually reading Kirsty Logan’s stunning novel The Gracekeepers at the moment, which, well. I love it. I love it in that kind of way where I’m trying to drag it out and not finish it because then it will be over and I will be sad. It’s so many different kinds of amazing, you don’t even know. Keep your eyes peeled actually for a proper review of that, which I shall endeavour to post next week from my lovely cottage by the sea, providing that the coastal WiFi isn’t too sketchy.
Yep, I’m going on holiday. Me, my bro and our parents are taking ourselves off to Anglesey (North Wales) for a week in what seems like it might be a recreation of all our childhood holidays. It was Dad’s 70th in…

A Court of Thorns and Roses. Dream Cast

Do you ever find yourself, when you’re reading a book, creating a dream cast in your head? I mean, did Katniss look like JLaw when you read the books; was DanRad exactly the way you imagined Harry Potter; did you watch Divergent and think ‘well, that’s not *my* Four’? I do it all the time. ALL THE TIME. It’s part of my problem with adaptations I think, that I always have such a solid idea in my head of what my faves look like and it’s so rare that casting directors take my Very Important Opinions on board. Le sigh.
This time, in a twist on my usual ‘here are my thoughts on this book’ style review I figured I’d share my dream cast with you, because I've just finished A Court of Thorns and Roses and I’m kind of sat here thinking ‘make this film and cast these people oh my gracious.’
I loved it, by the way. L O V E D. It was one of those stopping up way too late to read just one more chapter kinds of books with this incredibly well crafted world and a kickass heroine and deftly drawn …

April Book Haul

Oh yes, I hear you say, because that’s not at all what usually happens round these parts. Shush. It’s a book blog. LET’S TALK ABOUT BOOKS.
Specifically, let me talk at you about my April Book Haul which is a beautiful and marvellous thing and is made up of a whole 11 'real life' books, plus a sneaky 4 books downloaded to my Kindle. I think it might be one of my favourite things to post about actually, the new and pretty books that come to live at my house. 
I just, I love all the books. I love them. I love them in a totally unapologetic 'I'ma live off toast so I can buy more of them' kind of a way and I don't even care.
So, without further ado: my super speedy run-down:
Lives Lost ­­–Britta Bolt are a writing team of Britta Boehler and Rodney Bolt and this is the second of their Pieter Posthumus novels. It’s about a murder in Amsterdam’s red light district and it sounds like another excellent thriller for 2015: The Year of the Thriller (whic…

Well, This Sucks.

What I learn as I grow older is that most things don't last forever. It's hard though, to know how to keep going when the things you thought would, don't.
That's where I'm at right now.
Things have changed a little bit (and by ‘a little bit’ I mean 'enormously') because there has been A Break Up. Yup, that’s right: I had been in a relationship for seven and a half years until, well, now.
Now I'm not.
Now, I am single and not at ALL 'ready to mingle.' What even is that phrase anyway? Ready to curl up and die perhaps, if that's the same. I don't think it is.
How dramatic does that sound? Some days I raise my eyebrows at myself. On the bad days though, it doesn't feel dramatic enough. On the better days, like today I just sort of paint on a smile and pretend like on the inside I'm not falling apart.
It turns out that whilst I was planning the rest of our lives together, he was realising he perhaps wasn't in love with me aft…

Exciting May Releases

Hello May.
I’m planning on being pals with May this year, mostly because March and April were both so shockingly bad that I’m feeling pretty desperate for something that’s just, well, better.
With regards to books to read, then, it’s off to a pretty good start. There’s some super fun books due for release this month that I cannot wait to get my prettily painted nails on. [I say ‘prettily painted’ but actually I painted them on Tuesday night, had to redo two of them because of smudging and already had a chip by the time I woke up on Wednesday. This my friends, is why I will always advocate the wonder that is the gel polish.]
Anyway. Books. New shiny new pretty books. The list is long this month and I’m not going to talk about them all because that would be crazy so I’ve just chosen 5. HERE THEY ARE:
I was going to start with Kirtsy Logan’s The Gracekeepers which I have been immensely excited aboutand will be reading in a book and a half (yep, I have a list, that’s the level of organisatio…

Throwback Thursday: Josephine's Book Edition

Happy Thursday! This week is a good week because bank holiday. I love a four day week.
It’s all a bit general election everywhere right now isn’t it. I had to hide in my upstairs yesterday in order to avoid the UKIP canvassers on my road. Like I’d open the door to them, never mind give them my vote. However, a political rant this is not, all you probably need to know really is that I do take my right to vote very seriously. I think it matters. & that is that.
Today in honour of the publication of the new Kate Atkinson (I’m so excited. Dance with me?) I am reminiscing about the first of her books I ever read: Not the End of the World. Which, well, it pretty much solidified Kate as one of my faves and guaranteed that I will always buy any book she ever writes ever because she has an amazing brain. This book, I think, is perhaps only beaten by Life After Life at highlighting that fact. Seriously, so damn clever. It’s also probably quite surprising to somebody who comes to Atkinson havi…