June Book Haul

Oh, but I do so love doing my book haul posts, books make me so happy all of the time, even though the sheer number of them I actually own terrifies me slightly. Ha. I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching bookshelves this past few weeks lemme tell you!

So, June.

Alice in Zombieland just showed up at work one day at the start of June. I know, right? Random. I have no idea who sent it – usually random bookish parcels arriving at work are from Jen, but not this one. I wondered if it might be a review copy from a publisher, but those usually go to my home address and IT IS A MYSTERY. I was intrigued and a little scared and you know I’m not going to lie – what I have read of this book since has only made me more afraid. Still, the cover’s cute and I’m never one to say no to free books….

The Sin Eater’s Daughter was my treat to myself because…..actually there was no reason. This book keeps popping up on blogs I follow and you know how I always need to know what all the fuss is about and that really was that. S’about this girl, engaged to a prince, who kills everyone she touches which you know, makes her life pretty shitty, but then, there’s A Boy…. I picked it up at the same time as Aristotleand Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe which is also EVERYWHERE. The cover to this one is lush. L U S H. & the story is pretty darn cute too although not as good as all the hype had led me to believe it might be.

Reasons to Stay Alive. I love Matt Haig a little bit, mostly because his tweets make me want to drive to his house and high five him. This book has been so highly praised by everyone in the world ever, and you know, it sounds like the kind of book that all the people every where should read. I’ll let you know if I actually think that’s true once I have indeed read it!!

I bought Uprooted because I read an ARC and LOVED IT and I have this thing about wanting to own actual physical copies of the books I love. I also bought the Penguin Special Editions copy of The Bloody Chamber (I talk about that a bit here) because LOOK AT IT.

I’ve also got review copies of the following:

The Church of Marvels I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. SO EXCITED. Or rather, you probably do because I’ve talked about it before but still. Excited.

Timebomb was released on June 18th. It’s the first in a new YA time travel trilogy, it moves between 2141,  the present day and 1640 and it sounds like it might be right up my street. It’s my next read actually, so watch this space!

Alan Stoob Nazi Hunter. Huh. I don’t know what to expect of this one, or even much about it other than Joanne Harris of Choclat fame reportedly says Alan Stoob is to Nazis what Inspector Clouseau is to jewel thieves. He's a marvellous comic creation, and deserves his own series of movies. I guess we shall just have to wait and see.

A Year of Marvellous Ways is the new Sarah Winman, also released on June 18th. The success of When God Was A Rabbit (which I liked a whole lot) means this is uber highly anticipated and it actually sounds like it’s going to be really lovely. It’s all about this old lady called Marvellous who sits by the sea and looks for something through her telescope. She doesn’t know what she’s looking for, just that it’s out there. She ends up saving this soldier who washes up in the creek by her house, reeling from world war 2, in a bad way and trying to fulfil another soldier’s dying wish. I think it will make me feel all the things.

Ebook wise I was fairly reserved. Yep, I know. Just four:

What Milo Saw which I’ve heard all the good things about: a BIG story about a little boy who sees things differently. I’m really looking forward to it. It's released in paperback in August. 

One, which if you believe all you hear is going to be THE BOOK OF THE SUMMER. It has a publication date of August 27th I think and it’s about conjoined twins who can’t afford to carry on being homeschooled and have to venture into the bog bad world. I have all the Wonder type feels here and I am so desperately hoping it lives up to all the hype – seriously, so many people are saying so many things about this book. Do the pre-ordering thing, do it do it.

Precocious which I talked about here.

&, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls which I need to review so I’m not going to talk about too much now.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. June. Next Monday I’m going to (belatedly) talk about the books I’m pleased are being released in July, and there’s quite a handful so you know, BE HERE. Also, I need to review The Quality of Silence and also Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls so next week should be a bloggy week.