Things That I Have Seen and Liked

Because like I said the last time, sometimes I just like to talk about pretty things. Things I have and things I wish I had and things I’ve seen or read or listened to that have made me smile, sometimes I just want to share those things because sharing is caring and I’m just nice like that. 


I am totally drooling over The Thorn and the Blossom which is an accordion fold book (omg gimme all the pretty books) and it comes in a slipcase and it’s a love story told from two sides, on two sides, the story of Brendan a bookseller and Evelyn, the customer he sells a medieval poem too. You have Brendan’s story on one side and Evelyn’s on the other, it’s up to you which one you read first and the whole premise just makes me giddy. The story (stories) sound fabulous and the format is amazing and I WANT IT.  

I am very excited about the paperback publication of The Bone Clocks which I know I’ve talked about before but whatever, I like it. It’s such a pretty book. I was lucky enough to be sent a review copy so I’ve already held this book tightly to my chest and marvelled at how it is both beautiful and read-in-bed sized.

I’ve just discovered Pretty Little Liars. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve heard of it, obvs, and seen/heard people talk about it and it kept popping up on Netflix and Helen and I have mentioned it once or twice. And then she text being all I’m watching Pretty Little Liars and I had nothing else to do so….anyway, part way through season one because I’m always late to the party and totally planning to get involved in wifi on the train on Monday to watch some more. Hurrah.

I’ve been listening to The Shires who are a UK country music band. I do so love me a bit of country music and it’s so excellent to find a homegrown one. You should check them out. They’re marv.

The sun has shone this week. ISN’T THIS AMAZING NEWS. Apart from hay fever which I hate, I love summer. I love the sunshine and the long days and the way everything seems brighter. & pretty summer shoes. Like these, from Fat Face. I drooled over them in the store in Beaumaris last week. So pretty.

LOOK AT THIS. Trollbeads are totally my thing. My Trollbeads bracelet is my fave, even though it was mostly created by The Ex Boyfriend and that sucks actually because all of the charms will forever remind me of him. Curses. Anyway. LOVE. This leather bracelet is part of their City Bead range and the bead reads ‘this too shall pass’ and it feels wise and relevant and I ordered it on Wednesday when I’d been paid because I wanted to treat myself and I am the boss of me. So I did. I shall wear it and be happy because this too shall pass.

Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty is coming back to Manchester in July. This is definitely a thing I like. Have a trailer:

And, lastly but my no means least.

I know. Amazing. I need one They’re from Etsy.