Holiday Reading Plans

Holy smokes it’s been quiet round these parts has it not?! What’s that about. I blame myself, because it’s my blog and who else is there to even blame? (I also blame The Boy a little bit because it’s hard to blog about books when you’re finding it rather hard to read them. I WANT MY READING MOJO BACK.)

I’m actually reading Kirsty Logan’s stunning novel The Gracekeepers at the moment, which, well. I love it. I love it in that kind of way where I’m trying to drag it out and not finish it because then it will be over and I will be sad. It’s so many different kinds of amazing, you don’t even know. Keep your eyes peeled actually for a proper review of that, which I shall endeavour to post next week from my lovely cottage by the sea, providing that the coastal WiFi isn’t too sketchy.

Yep, I’m going on holiday. Me, my bro and our parents are taking ourselves off to Anglesey (North Wales) for a week in what seems like it might be a recreation of all our childhood holidays. It was Dad’s 70th in May, and Mum will be 60 in July and what better way for them to celebrate than with their offspring. I’m just, I’m so ready for a week away from work and away from my life and a week of wine and coastal footpaths and a cottage with an Aga. AN AGA. God, just take me there already. Drew (the brother) and I are travelling down together which will be awesome. I’ve put him in charge of the road trip playlist because left up to me we’d just listen to Taylor Swift the whole drive and I feel like perhaps he wouldn’t be cool with that. Or maybe he would. He surprises me quite often with his musical tastes my baby brother. I say ‘baby’, he’s actually 27 and 6ft a million and awesome. These are our faces.

So, a week away from work means ALL THE READING. I hope, I hope that’s what it means, and I already have my holiday reading list planned which I'ma totally tell you aaaalll about because I'm nice like that. 

First up, The Good Luck of Right Now which is by Matthew Quick of Silver Linings Playbook fame. S'about about a man trying to find his place after losing his Mum and it sounds beautiful. I loved Silver Linings and I’ve been really wanting to read more of Quick’s work so I’m looking forward to this

Uprooted is by Naomi Novik, it was released last week and it sounds wonderful; it’s all about a world where a village borders a wood full of evil powers, and as such the people rely on The Dragon to keep the wood under control. Every ten years a woman from the village is sent to serve The Dragon, as payment for his help. The next choosing is approaching and our heroine Agnieszka is terrified that The Dragon will take her bestest friend….its had awesome reviews and I am super super excited about it.

Seed is a YA book all about life within a cult and I read that it’s reminiscent of Handmaid’s which, well I’m trying not to think about that too much because otherwise my expectations will be unfairly high, but it’s about Pearl who has grown up within a nature-worshipping community, and how her life changes with the arrival of outsiders.

I Let You Go is on the list because every holiday needs a thriller, right? And this one has had folks saying all the good things

The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North was released on May 19th and it’s the story of an enigmatic film director as told by the people that loved her the most. I think it sounds super excellent

Prisoner of Night and Fog has been on my TBR for a while and I have a review copy if the sequel which I think gives me the perfect excuse to bump this one up to the top of the pile. It’s set in Nazi Germany, which yes, I know, call me predictable but it’s from a different side: Gretchen is swept up in the excitement of 1930’s Munich, she’s embraced the life that her father died to give her – he was a senior Nazi officer and he died to save the life of Hitler, which, awesome. Not. BUT THEN Gretchen gets an anonymous letter and it causes her to question everything and why has it taken me so long to read this book?? Yep, looking forward to that one.

The Book of Speculation is due for release towards the end of June if you want to pre-order. You probably do want to pre-order because it sounds so freaking good. It’s about carnivals and mysterious books and travelling circuses; about dead parents and doomed love stories and a family history that seems to follow a tragic pattern – death by drowning and always on 24th July and it just sounds so good. So much better than I am making it sound here I know.

Quality of Silence is the new book from Rosamund Lupton and I am practically giddy with excitement about it. PRACTICALLY GIDDY. I loved Sister so damn hard (I liked Afterwards a little less) and this one sounds like it could be amazing. It’s about Yasmin and her deaf daughter and their travels across Alaska looking for Ruby’s father, driving deeper into a frozen silent world where as the blurb tells you, the night will last for another 54 days and someone is watching them in the dark. Yep. GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT.

Fingers crossed I manage to read ALL OF THEM, because that’s what I want to do, I want to sit on the decking with a glass of wine and some crisps and look out to sea and read. Two more sleeps.