April Book Haul


Oh yes, I hear you say, because that’s not at all what usually happens round these parts. Shush. It’s a book blog. LET’S TALK ABOUT BOOKS.

Specifically, let me talk at you about my April Book Haul which is a beautiful and marvellous thing and is made up of a whole 11 'real life' books, plus a sneaky 4 books downloaded to my Kindle. I think it might be one of my favourite things to post about actually, the new and pretty books that come to live at my house. 
I just, I love all the books. I love them. I love them in a totally unapologetic 'I'ma live off toast so I can buy more of them' kind of a way and I don't even care.

So, without further ado: my super speedy run-down:

Lives Lost ­­–Britta Bolt are a writing team of Britta Boehler and Rodney Bolt and this is the second of their Pieter Posthumus novels. It’s about a murder in Amsterdam’s red light district and it sounds like another excellent thriller for 2015: The Year of the Thriller (which is this year by the way, if that wasn't clear. So many thrillers this year, so many.) It was published on May 7th so you can totes get yourself a copy right now. The cover is lush.
I picked up I’ll Give You the Sun in Waterstones on an ‘I feel sad shopping trip’ for no other reason than it’s yellow. Why would I not need a yellow book in my life? It’s about twins and about loss and about love and it promises to make me laugh and cry which everyone knows is my fave. I’m excited about it.

I also bought Out of the Easy on that same trip because Ruta Sepetys. I adored Between Shades of Gray and have wanted this book for the longest time. It's set in the New Orleans French Quarter in the '50s (I want to go to New Orleans so bad) and is the story of the 17 year old daughter of a prostitute.  Can. Not. Wait. Seriously. I want to read it right now. I'm saving it though, for a rainy day.

Ryan Gattis’s All Involved is a book I think is going to make me feel all the things. It’s about LA and the riots of ’92 and the reviews are immense.  It's really relevant at the moment, given that the '92 riots began on the back of a black man being beaten by several white police officers who were later acquitted. Sound familiar? It should.
This isn't a memoir, it's a work of fiction based around real life events; it's the book I'm most excited about from April and I'm expecting great things.

I have Prisoner of Night and Fog on the Kindle so I was super excited to get a proof copy of its sequel: Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke because YA Nazi Germany, people. I love me some of that.  I need to read Prisoner first, obvs, but YAY! I now have book two waiting.

The super wonderful Jen sent me a package of bookish delights for my birthday because she is excellent. It was made up of books 2 and 3 in Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland series – Fairyland is going to get it’s own post some day soon because seriously, SO GOOD – Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking which I am desperate to read (does everyone in the world have a slight crush on Neil Gaiman's wife I wonder) and The Story of Alice. Girl knows me well, right?

And then, my pal Sarah took me shopping at the start of the month as part of the Book Challenge she set me up with for Christmas. She treated me to two second-hand books, The Bone Dragon because the cover made me swoon and The Ladies of Grace Adieu because it’s described as ‘if Jane Austen wrote fairytales’ and who in their right mind wouldn’t want to read that?!

Ebook wise, I have A Theory of Expanded Love, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, Uprooted and The Good Luck of Right Now, all of which sound excellent.

Wow. S’a lot of books. I really do think this book thing’s starting to get a little bit out of control again. I don’t know what to do about that....except I totally do: nothing.