(Belated) March Book Haul

Goodness gracious. How is it even mid April already? It’s my Granny’s birthday today (happy 83rd Granny, thank you for being excellent) and I plan to head over after work with a card and some flowers and wish her Many Happy Returns before I head over to Helen’s for Chinese with her and our other pal Clare. Marvellous. I see chicken in my future. I do so love chicken. The point of this post however is not my love for Chinese food or my Granny, but to talk about my March Book Haul which OMG SO OVERDUE. I instagrammed a photo, because that’s how I roll, but I never made a post, because currently I fail at life blogging. March and I were not friends.

I’m really amused actually, because in February I was all ‘ALL THE BOOKS’ and now looking at the size of my March haul, I realise that February was rather meagre. April will be better, I swear. I say this knowing full well that my birthday is this month and Jen already sent me a bookish birthday package. *cue manic laughter*

If I talked at you about the delights of all these books we would be here for all of time, so I’m not gonna. I’ll link you to them, in case you want to buy your own copies, and I shall tell you a little bit about the ones I am the most excited about and that will be that.

So, as detailed on that photo above, in March the following books came to live on my already overflowing bookshelf:

Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant (I talk about my excitement for that one here)

Hausfrau which I review here

The Time in Between which you all need to go and read RIGHT NOW and I tell you why here

Red Queen I received a review copy of and I'm super excited to read it because it sounds excellent. It's all about a world divided by blood - Red blood (commoners) and Silver blood (the super-powered elite) and a girl who doesn't fit into either box. yep, lemme at it.

Jakob’s Colours which I loved and which you can read all about over at this blog post. 
Little Black Lies is another ARC on my TBR and it's released in July. 

The Killing of Bobbi Lomax is out in early May and sounds like it's going to be one of those unputdownables. 

The Snow Kimono is what I'm reading now and it's lovely. 

If I Knew You Were Going To Be This Beautiful INever Would have Let You Go has the best title ever, right? It's out in paperback in June.

The Mountain Can Wait is out in May and is all about fathers and sons and heartache
We Live In Water was the book I bought for Sarah's book challenge so it'll get it's own post v soon!

Half Bad has been everywhere lately. The bandwagon? I jumped on it.

Poison because I am totally a Sarah Pinborough fangirl right now.

Elizabeth is Missing because it won All The Awards.

Last Night in Montreal which God, so much pretty I swear. I get excited about it here

Mrs. Hemingway because why would I not want to read this?

The Museum of Extraordinary Things is another book I bought for my book challenge. One of the ICE envelopes. March was a bad month. It felt like an emergency.

The Rise and Fall of Great Powers is a rather pretty looking proof copy of a book that's all about identity and the idea of home and it sounds fabulous. I can't wait to read it. 

Holy Smokes.

I am mostly looking forward I think to reading Mrs Hemingway because Hemingway. That whole time just fascinates me, and I’ve heard such good things about this book and just, I want to read it. I can't wait. I’m also super excited about Bobbi Lomax which is all about cults and bombs and a prom queen and a rare book dealer and sounds super cool and also Poison purely because a: gimme all the fairy tales and b: I absolutely loved The Death House

All of these books look awesome though, there's not one of them that I'm not a little giddy about and probably you should check them all out.

You’re welcome.