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Author Visit: Renee Knight

Guess what people. Today is an exciting Saturday because I’ve got the lovely and super talented Renee Knight – author of the thrilling Disclaimer - here to chat about all things bookish. Hurrah! I have been excited about this post for quite a while, just so you know…

Renee! Hello!Thank-you so much for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere; grab a coffee and a piece of cake and make yourself at home – in fact it’s imaginary cake, take two pieces.
Before we get started, let’s warm up with a quick fire round.
Ready, steady, GO:

Coffee, tea or…?Ummmm....bothFavourite film?Can't commit but I loved 'The Lives of Others'...Favourite book?I have a serious commitment problem but recently read The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante and was stunned by it.Summer or winter? SummerFavourite Colour?Green Last thing you ate?Penne with BologneseDream holiday destination?Iceland (but I said I liked summer...)If you could jump to any point in history, who would you h…

Review: The Snow Kimono

So, The Snow Kimono

Well, I’ve never read any of Mark Henshaw’s stuff before this one, which appealed to me for the main part I think because it’s set (partly) in Japan, and Japan says to me Murakami, which in turn says to me yes. That was pretty much it, really, initially. I read the blurb (and did a small grin to myself because the main chap’s called Jovert which obvs put me in mind of Javert of Les Mis fame) and thought yep, this is a book that sounds like me.
Which it was.

The premise is this: Retired police inspector Auguste Jovert gets a letter from a woman who says she’s his daughter and then goes home to find an old Japanese chap waiting in his apartment. He begins to tell Jovert a story of love and loss, of friendship and betrayal and of The Snow Kimono from the title. Professor Omura’s story is eerily similar to the tale of Jovert’s own life – also a story of love and loss, friendship and betrayal and ultimately built around a lie so you know, you have Omura's story and y…

Throwback Thursday: Josephine's Book Edition

Today I wish to talk about My Girl 2, mostly because when I was looking for my Sense and Sensibility DVD last week I came across My Girl and was hit with all the Vada Sultenfuss feels. I loved that film, so hard, even though it broke my tiny little girl heart.
I never saw the second film. I had the book though, because, well, bookworm and I read it so many times.
Everyone knows My Girl, right? Vada Sultenfuss is an undertaker’s daughter, her Mum died and her Dad is seeing someone new, she’s a total hypochondriac (growing up in a funeral home would do that to a kid), has a crush on her teacher and is terrified she killed her mother (who actually died in childbirth). She's a really cool kid, our Vada. I loved her, I wanted to be her friend.

Vada’s best friends with this cute kid with glasses called Thomas J and it’s the cutest friendship EVER IN THE WORLD. And then, he dies and it’s the worst. Seriously, so much sad.

You say that line to anyone my age and I can pretty much bet you: ins…

(Belated) March Book Haul

Goodness gracious. How is it even mid April already? It’s my Granny’s birthday today (happy 83rd Granny, thank you for being excellent) and I plan to head over after work with a card and some flowers and wish her Many Happy Returns before I head over to Helen’s for Chinese with her and our other pal Clare. Marvellous. I see chicken in my future. I do so love chicken. The point of this post however is not my love for Chinese food or my Granny, but to talk about my March Book Haul which OMG SO OVERDUE. I instagrammed a photo, because that’s how I roll, but I never made a post, because currently I fail at life blogging. March and I were not friends.
I’m really amused actually, because in February I was all ‘ALL THE BOOKS’ and now looking at the size of my March haul, I realise that February was rather meagre. April will be better, I swear. I say this knowing full well that my birthday is this month and Jen already sent me a bookish birthday package. *cue manic laughter*
If I talked at you…

Author Guest Post: The Joy of Cake

It’s one of those super exciting Fridays here today, because instead of me talking nonsense about books and whatnot, the blog is being taken over. Yup, that’s right, today’s post comes not from me (apart from this bit, obvs,) but from the fabulous Jesobel Jones, star of Anna Mainwaring’s novel The Lives and Loves of Jesobel Jones. I’m thrilled to be a pit stop on this super fun blog tour, and am absolutely a fan of Jesobel’s policy on cake, because, as I’m sure anyone who reads this will agree, why would you not be? Girl talks sense. 
So, let's talk a little bit about the book first shall we: 


Jesobel Jones can bake. In a truly triumphant, appearing-on-TV kind of way. But this means nothing to the rest of the world, because apparently all that cake mix is starting to show – in all the wrong places. So when she lands an invite to the Party of Year by the Boy of Her Dreams, she wonders whether it’s time for a new, improved Jess. But will life still taste as good?
Anna Mainwaring…

Review: Jakob's Colours

I think it was pretty much a given that I was going to love Jakob’s Colours. I mean, let’s be honest here, it ticks pretty much all my boxes, all of them; everyone knows I love a book that makes my heart hurt. Jakob’s Colours made my heart hurt. I didn’t cry, but then I didn’t cry when I read The Book Thief either; it made me too sad to cry. This was kind of the same thing, I had that kind of hollow feeling at the end, that weird kind of emptiness that comes in part from the end of a book that you’ve just let absorb you and in part from the fact that said book has made you feel too many things to really know what to do with. I didn’t start another book as soon as I finished this one, like I would normally. I kind of just needed some time.

Jakob’s Colours is set for the most part in Austria in 1944 and is about Jakob, a little gypsy boy, running like his father told him to do, running because he still just about can, although he has nowhere to run to and is unable to feel anything reall…